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Notes and shared notes inside Gmail

Finally — a way to attach private notes to Gmail

Add context to any email conversation by including private notes. Collaborate behind the scenes by sharing these notes with members of your team. Any information on a private note is visible only to you and the people you share the note with, but never to the original sender.

Why you should use private email notes?

Private notes are useful for:

  • Adding information (such as to-dos and findings) related to a particular email
  • Helping you save time and stay on top of things by showing email context right in your inbox
  • Sharing notes with others so everyone in your team has access to the same information for future reference

How to use private notes

The private note functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

When you open an email, you will notice a widget on the right-hand side of your message, where you can add private notes:

notes in Gmail

To save a note, either click on the Save note button or use the keyboard shortcut Crtl + Enter

In your inbox view, you’ll notice that threads with notes attached are highlighted with a blue icon. You can preview the notes by hovering over the icon.

gmail notes

PRO TIP: Notes are searchable using the regular Gmail search function. Simply type a word belonging to the body of the note within the search box and click on the corresponding entry.

preview notes

How to share your private notes with others?

Notes can be shared with multiple recipients who also use Gmelius.

To share a note, type “@” followed by the name of the person you wish to share with. Confirm by selecting the name that autocompletes.

share a note in Gmail

The shared note will be connected with the correct message and will instantly appear in the mailbox of the recipient.

Gmelius lets you add private notes to email to further improve productivity.

By providing context for particular emails, private notes save you time. In addition, shared notes allow everyone in your team to log updates for future reference.

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