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Send and add a label in Gmail

Automatically add a label to emails you send out

Do you want to ensure that all emails you send are tagged correctly?

Gmelius helps you automatically categorize emails you send by adding a label of your choice as you hit the send button. You’ll save clicks, save time, and stay better organized.

Why should you automatically labels outgoing emails?

If you use labels to file your emails, it’s easy to forget to label outgoing emails. This feature ensures that you never forget to add labels when sending emails.

How to use the send and label feature in Gmail?

To activate this feature, Open your Gmelius dashboard. Then, enable the “Send and add Labels” feature under the “Productivity” tab:

Enable send and label

Once this is enabled and your mailbox reloads, you will see a new bookmark_border icon next to the Send button.

Click on the icon to select one or more labels to categorize your outgoing message. The labels will be applied automatically when you send the message.

File outgoing email by adding Gmail labels

Save time and remain consistent with automatic labels

Gmelius provides a quick and easy way to add labels to the emails you write to improve categorization of the messages you send and receive.

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