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Gmelius is becoming a common upgrade for Boomerang users. Especially for small and medium-sized teams searching for the next-level. When it comes to email management and team collaboration, our feature set is a perfect fit.

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Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019
Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni
Head of Marketing

At Gmelius we understand our success depends on the success of our users. It’s what wakes us up every morning; providing teams with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Ex-Boomerang users credit a few of our key features for their satisfaction. Our shared labels for example, easily manage all of your project and client-specific communications. While Gmelius’ kanban boards give each team member a clear visual of the projects at hand.

With access to the rest of our features – all integrated into your Gmail inbox – your team will be well-equipped to succeed.

Email Management
Gmelius supplements the email features offered by Boomerang, further empowering your communication and collaboration.
Shared Labels

Create shareable Gmail labels for each client, and project.

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Email Notes

Add context to emails with private, shareable messages. One try of our Email Notes and you’ll quickly see the difference.

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Email Delegation

Assign emails to team members with automatic syncing.

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Gmelius allows you to “If this — then that” your email flows based on your chosen triggers. Sequences put your outreach on autopilot with systemized and timely communications
Email Scheduling 100% Free Limited in the Free tier
Recurring Emails done done
Response Tracking done done
Click Tracking done done
Per-recipient Tracking done clear
Email Templates done clear
Campaigns (Mail Merge) done clear
Sequences done clear
Project Management
Gmelius’ kanban boards become central to project visualization and pipeline management. Turn emails into tasks, add them to boards, and share them with your team for unified execution.
Kanban Boards done clear
100% Swiss made and GDPR compliant. We even prevent email forgery thanks to a unique Blockchain architecture.
Email Stamping done clear
Unlike Boomerang, Gmelius doesn’t force you to upgrade to a more expensive plan if your email address is not Gmelius Premium is compatible with both Gmail and G Suite (e.g. at no additional cost.
starting at $9/month $49/month
Our sales reps were using another sales tool that was cumbersome and didn’t work consistently… When I found Gmelius and saw a live demo, I knew we’d found a match with the needs of our team. It’s been very well received, and the product support is outstanding.

Kyle, Gmelius user since July 2017
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