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Discover the #1 Alternative to Front!

Gmelius lives in Gmail. This means it is easy to use and your team is ready on day one. No need to learn another platform or spend time managing the data in between them.

Gmelius is the best alternative to Frontapp, especially if your teams are using Gmail and Slack. 

Gmelius is designed to simplify team collaboration, allowing companies of all sizes to manage their projects and client accounts, as a team, without having to leave their inboxes. 

Here are the main advantages of using Gmelius versus Front.

#1 – Stay in Gmail

Near zero learning curve, quick onboarding, Swiss privacy

Gmelius lives in Gmail and makes email the start of great teamwork.

Features are seamlessly integrated into your familiar Gmail inbox. This means there’s a near-zero learning curve to use Gmelius and your team is empowered on day one of installation. No need to learn another platform or waste time managing the data in between them. 

Speaking of data, Gmelius never stores the content of your emails on external databases. And your data is never read – by humans or robots

Gmelius is a Swiss company that follows a strict Privacy-by-Design framework to ensure your protection.

#2 – Turn Gmail into your Help Desk

Deliver Customer Service & Support without Help Desk software

Gmelius allows your team to deliver excellent customer service and support without leaving their chosen platform. No need for expensive and difficult to use software.

Group emails like [email protected] and [email protected] are easily managed, help desk ticketing-style, directly from Gmail and Slack. Gmelius makes it easy to assign tickets and make accountability clear.

SLA Reports and detailed activity metrics give managers clear internal visibility into the status of every ticket and their team’s progress.

#3 – Collaborate with your team

Gmail shared inboxes and Gmail shared labels

Shared inboxes centralize your communications, shared Gmail labels organize your conversations by client or project. And Gmelius gives you a board view for both – a visual representation of your conversations that makes it easier to manage your inbox as a team. 

Gmelius keeps everyone on the same page and collaborating efficiently. No more cluttered inboxes with Cc’s and Forwards, or the risk of colliding or ignored emails. 

Everything is synced in real-time across all your team members and all their devices. Whether they prefer to work from Gmail or Slack – Gmelius will ensure all your data is seamlessly synced across the rest of the team’s devices and chosen platforms.

#4 – Monitor your pipelines

Trello-like Kanban Boards in Gmail

Gmelius equips Gmail & G Suite with Trello-like boards to manage projects and clients without leaving your inbox. 

Boards give you clear visibility of your inbox activity and every stage of your client and project pipelines – from incoming emails to completed projects.

Emails can be turned into task cards and added to your shareable boards. You can use smart columns that auto-assign emails to specific team members, or manually assign emails with a quick drag and drop, add due-dates, reminders, priority levels, and more.

#5 – Automate your workflows

Put your teamwork on autopilot

Gmelius sequences can automate your team’s workflow according to your instructions and client interactions. 

With shareable “If this – Then that” flows you can bridge the gap between incoming communications and your team’s required actions.

For example, if one of your clients responds to an email, auto-send it to a Gmail shared label, add it to your chosen board, and assign it to a team member.

#6 – The only solution that gives you a Shared Inbox for free

Start with a free trial of our Growth Plan which includes workflow automation and Sequences. We’re sure you’ll keep it, but if you decide not to, you’ll get downgraded to our free version – where you’ll maintain access to your suite of shareable features, including: 

“Our sales reps were using another sales tool that was cumbersome and didn’t work consistently… When I found Gmelius and saw a live demo, I knew we’d found a match with the needs of our team. It’s been very well received, and the product support is outstanding.”

Keith Ringer, Job Post Media

Lina Yakunina
Lina Yakunina Product Marketing Manager
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