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Discover the #1 alternative to HelpCrunch

Gmelius is the first help desk that lives in Gmail. Help desk tickets are nothing but emails. So, why would you want to leave your Gmail inbox to manage something that begins and ends as email?


Gmelius makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information by giving you visibility across shared inboxes. Get looped in, and make more informed decisions.
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Take control of your pipeline. Assign emails to your teammates, add internal notes to emails and collaboratively manage your projects in real time, whether from Gmail or Trello.
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Gmelius offers a unique workflow intelligence solution that lets your teams focus on what matters and automate the rest, e.g., templates, auto-responders, follow-ups, and SLA rules.
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Turn Gmail into a Help Desk

Gmelius lives in Gmail and G Suite. All the features offered by HelpCrunch are there seamlessly integrated into your familiar Gmail inbox.

This means there’s a near-zero learning curve. Your support agents and account managers are empowered on day one of installation!

Deliver exceptional customer service right from your inbox

Like HelpCrunch, Gmelius lets you manage generic email addresses such as [email protected] but also makes possible to share and convert any conversation into a support ticket.

Your team can assign emails or tickets to a specific agent, change the status, add tags, and @mention or add notes to the emails.

Collaboration made easy in Gmail

Today, customer's support is more than managing and replying to tickets. Companies need to put in place processes that make possible to follow and monitor all interactions a customer has with different teams, e.g., Sales, Support, Success.

Get a clear and real-time view of all interactions from a single workspace: your inbox.

Your help desk has never been so intuitive, visual, and fun.

Thanks to Trello-like boards, your agents can manage tickets like tasks and get a visual representation of your support pipeline.

Gmelius pioneers a new approach to help desk by making the whole support pipeline more visual and intuitive. Get started today!

Join the Gmelius era!
Unlike helpcrunch, Gmelius’ collaborative infrastructure has been designed and developed to ensure the content of your emails is not stored on external databases. Your emails continue to stay on Google’s servers and are never read by a human or a bot. At a time where the compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and California Privacy Act (CCPA) become vital for your business, Gmelius prevents any data dispersion and the associated risks this dispersion implies for your customers.

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