Achieve more in G Suite with Gmelius

Whether you are migrating to or already working in G Suite, Gmelius empowers your teams with augmented collaboration, project management and automation capabilities inside G Suite and beyond - by integrating G Suite with your company's daily tools (Slack, Trello, Zoom and more).
Achieve more in G Suite with Gmelius

The G Suite collaborative inbox you wished for 🌟

Share emails like sales@ or support@ and Gmail labels with your Groups. Bring transparency and accountability to G Suite email aliases and email delegation. Wave goodbye to bcc, fwd and loosing track on long email threads.

Bring your departments together and collaborate on email resolution whether in Gmail, Slack or Trello. Expand your collaborative workspace beyond G Suite by integrating with your company's work apps.

Achieve more in G Suite with Gmelius

Level up G Suite project management 🆙

Visualize your teams pipeline with Kanban boards in Gmail. Assign emails and Tasks to Group members and sync due dates with Google Calendar.

Put project workflows on autopilot. Automatically assign, move cards (and more) with Gmelius rules.

Collaborate in real time with other departments and partners by syncing boards with Trello, so your employees no longer need to switch between apps.

Achieve more in G Suite with Gmelius

Schedule smart meetings in a few clicks ✅

Automate appointment scheduling right from Gmail, synced with Google Calendar, Google Meet and Zoom.

Share calendar availability, set pre-meeting questionnaires or reminders and let recipients book their meeting time.

Your employees no longer have to email back and forth, or leave their inbox to schedule meetings.

Bring your company back together thanks to a unique 2-way sync between your daily applications...

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