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Manage your HR Department from Gmail

Consolidate your communications in Gmail and collaborate with your team behind the scenes. From business development to customer support, centralize and manage teamwork with Gmelius.

August 2019
This Y Combinator company is the next big trend in tech.
Gmelius Reviews G2CROWD
The most used collaboration tool in our office!
We found a match with the needs of our remote team.
Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2 Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2 Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2

Why is Gmelius loved by thousands of companies?

Instead of displaying logos of our well-known customers 😁 let's focus on what matters, that is:
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Speed up your hiring process

Gmelius organizes incoming emails from potential candidates into Gmail shared labels.

Sharing and assigning those conversations to relevant departments and tracking their status is a breeze. And email notes allow your team to add private notes alongside each profile.

No more Cc’s, Forwards, or unnecessary meetings.

Streamline your team onboarding

Use Gmelius to easily onboard your local and remote team members.

Real-time syncing of incoming emails and internal team chat ensures everyone is on the same page. And connecting those communications to Trello-like boards gives you a clear overview.

Put your HR department on auto-pilot

Gmelius allows you to manage your HR activities with automated workflows.

Use sequences to systemize candidate outreach, distribute company communications, and many other day-to-day tasks of your department.