Gain visibility and control

Organize your Gmail pipeline visually 💡

Turn your team's cluttered inbox into Kanban boards in Gmail. Treat your emails as task cards, assign them in one click. Everyone is aligned; accountability and priorities are clear.

Sync Kanban boards with Trello, or import Trello boards in Gmail. Updates will sync 2-way, so your teams can work in their preferred tool while keeping everyone informed, whether in Gmail or Trello.

Gain visibility and control

Unlock seamless email collaboration 🙌

Organize your teams' Gmail inbox with shared inboxes (for team mailboxes like sales@ or support@) and shared labels (folders). Connect them to real time collaboration tools like Slack to reduce channel dispersion.

Empower your teams with a new way of collaborating. No more forward or bcc. Features like email sharing in one click, chat-style email notes or collision detection will help them handle long email threads effortlessly.

Gain visibility and control

Keep your teams and tools aligned 🔁

Gmelius integrates with your everyday tools such as G Suite, Slack, Trello or Zoom. Our platform agnostic approach allows your teams to work from the tools they already know and love.

Our unique 2-way synchronisation architecture keeps information updated in real time across your apps. Gmelius removes siloes across teams working in different tools, while minimizing back-and-forth between apps.

Gain visibility and control

Track team performance 📈

Analyse and optimize your team members' workload and performance with Gmelius' Team reports. Filter your dashboards by shared inboxes or labels to track specific operations.

Measure total, new or closed conversations, volume by day, assignments and time to close in your admin panel.

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Gain visibility and control

Put your operations on auto-pilot ✅

Have repetitive tasks that your team members have to go through everyday?

Automate your teams' processes with “If This - Then That” Gmelius Rules. Set conditions to auto assign emails, auto reply, add a Gmail Label, add to a kanban board, automate status updates and more.

Help your teams save time to concentrate on what matters.

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