Simplify marketing collaboration

Simplify collaboration across departments 🙌

Need to pass on information to teams working in different tools? Gmelius solves that problem with unique 2-way integrations.  

Information syncs in real time across G Suite, Slack, Trello and more, so you don't have to switch context, duplicate work or spend time to find information.

For instance, our Slack integration allows to receive notifications and take action on emails right from Slack.

Simplify marketing collaboration

Turn your inbox into Kanban boards synced with Trello 💡

Bring visibility to your inbox and align your team by transforming your shared Gmail labels into Kanban boards. Customize your columns, turn your emails into task cards, add labels, priorities levels and due dates.

Sync your boards with Trello, or import your Trello boards in Gmail. Updates will sync from Gmail to Trello and back, in real time, so you no longer need to switch back and forth.  

Simplify marketing collaboration

Easily manage your agency and partner relations 🤝

Gmelius gives you a clear way to monitor and manage the relationships that drive marketing.

Connect your emails, team chat, and marketing actions across G Suite, Slack and Trello and collaborate seamlessly with your partners. Everyone is aligned and information is updated in real time across platforms, hence minimizing context switching and channel dispersion.

Bring your company back together thanks to a unique 2-way sync between your daily applications...

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