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What is Gmelius? Check out this 2-minute video to find out. Gmelius offers a new way to collaborate, manage projects and automate workflows inside Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) - and beyond, by connecting the other tools that are used daily at your company like Slack, Trello, and more. Master teamwork, not another tool.

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Easy-to-use and weapon of choice for our outbound sales activities.
Head of Sales / B2B SaaS
We're better working and have a better customer service thanks to Gmelius.
Head of Customer Success
Gmelius creates efficiency in our finance operations.
Accounts Payable Manager
It is a great everyday tool to follow up tasks. It has many features that are really cool.
Dispatch Supervisor
Very Helpful
Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
The Best way to make your Sales people happy with CRM
Jean René
Great tool for Gmail integration & Team Collaboration
Creative Director & Web Designer
Great for team collaboration!
Customer Success