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What our customers are saying.

Google Workspace's missing DNA block
Gmelius helped us improve in many areas, response time, delegating task and emails and so on.
Mechanical Engineering
Exactly what we were looking for
It’s helped us handoff emails to appropriate team members without forwarding emails and create solid workflows to ensure we are getting back to clients efficiently and effectively.
Agency in Marketing & Advertising
Small Business
We use Gmelius to communicate internally
We use Gmelius to communicate internally and provide the best legal service possible. During the time that the application is being used by us there has been a noticeable improvement in communication and service.
Enhanced team productivity and remote work
Our team has used Gmelius for close to two years and the features really enhance the productivity of our team. Collaborating with home-office staff is easy and efficient.
Founder & CEO
Very Helpful
The joint email inbox is very helpful when collaborating. Especially if there are a lot of incoming emails Gmelius helps users sort the emails and assign them to the correct department.
Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
This tool is user friendly and streamlines communications.
Gmelius has allowed our team to keep our communications to our partners consistent and will enable us to assign emails to team members which we didn't have before.
Customer Success Engagement Representative
Gmelius creates efficiency
We were trying to solve for assigning the right work to the right people. We had a distribution list and as a result, many items were being missed. Using the Gmelius ticketing system has allowed our team to assign work to the right people and responding much more quickly to requests.
Administrator in Financial Services
We're lucky to have found it!
We were looking for a way to collaborate on customer and client issues without a proliferation of email chains or people falling through the cracks and Gmelius does this really well.
Small Business