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Gmelius works seamlessly within Gmail, with features your team will actually use. Not having to get bogged down in the details of learning a new interface means more time spent on important tasks: improving your systems, satisfying more clients, and increasing sales.

Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019
Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni
Head of Marketing

Small and medium-sized enterprises prefer a platform they know, with the features that matter. At Gmelius, we take this feedback and continuously develop practical solutions your organization can depend on.

With the zero learning curve required to use Gmelius, you are able to focus on your core business – empowered by our tools. Email management, team collaboration, the ability to visualize and track projects, a lightweight CRM, and more. All within your familiar Gmail inbox.

User Interface (UI)
Ex-FrontApp users appreciate that Gmelius lives in Gmail. No need to learn another platform – no need to bounce back and forth.
Gmail Native done clear
Email Management
Shared labels allow Gmelius users to organize projects, clients, and all associated communications within shareable labels.
Shared Inbox done done
Shared Labels done clear
Gmelius Sequencing puts your outreach on autopilot with systemized and timely communications. “If this — then that” your email flows based on your chosen triggers.
Email Scheduling done clear
Recurring Emails done clear
Smart Follow-ups done clear
Sequences done clear
Project Management within Gmail
Kanban boards and CRM solutions seamlessly integrated into your inbox – the power of Gmelius.
Kanban Boards done clear
CRM Integration done clear

Thousands of FrontApp users making the switch can’t be wrong. Join the movement.

Our sales reps were using another sales tool that was cumbersome and didn’t work consistently… When I found Gmelius and saw a live demo, I knew we’d found a match with the needs of our team. It’s been very well received, and the product support is outstanding.

Keith Ringer, Job Post Media

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