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The Best Alternative to Google Groups

Easily manage your Google Group emails like [email protected] and [email protected] right from Gmail or G Suite.


Gmelius makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information by giving you visibility across shared inboxes. Get looped in, and make more informed decisions.
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Take control of your pipeline. Assign emails to your teammates, add internal notes to emails and collaboratively manage your projects in real time, whether from Gmail or Trello.
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Gmelius offers a unique workflow intelligence solution that lets your teams focus on what matters and automate the rest, e.g., templates, auto-responders, follow-ups, and SLA rules.
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Manage your Google Group emails in Gmail

Share and assign specific emails or your inbox as a whole. Tag specific teammates for clear ownership with automated follow-ups.

Google Groups does give everyone access to the same emails, but it does a poor job of managing the collaboration. For example, if one of your team members responds to an email – you won’t know about it. Gmelius fixes that.

Deliver exceptional customer support right from your inbox

Start with your existing Google Groups and transform them into powerful collaborative channels without going for difficult and expensive help desk tools.

Gmelius lives and works in Gmail; this means it's easy to use and your team is empowered on day one of installation.

Delegate and monitor with ease

With Gmelius you can assign emails to team members and all progress is synced in real-time, across all team members, and all your devices. You can choose to assign specific emails or your inbox as a whole.

No more colliding emails or missed opportunities.

Communicate easily with your teammates

Gmelius users really appreciate the shareable email notes that run in a chat-style thread on the side of each email. Email notes eliminate the need for your team to forward emails, or CC each other.

Imagine the reduction of incoming emails when your inbox is reserved for external communications.

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