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Gmelius Goes Mobile: App Release Presented at MWC19

The Mobile World Congress for 2019 is in Barcelona. Gmelius will be there. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

With the upcoming releases of our apps for both iOS and Android, our ability to transform your inbox has gone mobile.

Therefore, MWC19, the largest mobile event in the world, is a fitting stage for our ambitious goal. To empower SMB’s across the globe by upgrading their Gmail inboxes.

Currently, more than 150,000 professionals and businesses rely on Gmelius. And if our new user rate is any indication, this upward trend is not due to slow down.

We empower the communication and collaborative work flows of small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries. We do it with a set of user friendly features – designed for impact – and we do it all within their familiar Gmail inbox.

Screenshot of Gmelius' new Mobile App

Our features from the beginning, to the Gmelius we have today, are based on user feedback. This approach led to our mobile app development and ultimately our senior staff boarding planes to Barcelona.

Gmelius CEO, Florian Bersier, CTO Raphaël Bischof , and VP of Sales Naya Tsoukala, will be in Barcelona, further extending our reach into the SME empowerment space.

MWC19 – What to Expect from Gmelius?

Visitors to the Gmelius booth will become familiar with our suite of tools for their Gmail inbox. And of course, they’ll get a firsthand look at the design and features of our new mobile apps.

Screenshot of Gmelius Shared Note feature on Mobile App.

Our Shared Inboxes, Shared Labels, Email Notes, Automated Sequencing, and more are being used by IT companies, Law firms, Sales teams, and agencies of all sorts. The common denominator being teams between 10 and 100 members – who handle various stages of client and project management.

The fact that they will be able to access these features and execute their strategies from our mobile app will be welcoming news.

Swiss Hospitality

So while you’re checking out foldable phones, dual screens, and surfing on 5G, be sure to stop by and visit Gmelius. We’ll be presenting the future of workplace communication and team collaboration.

Join us at MWC19 from February 25 to 28 and while you’re there you’ll get a little taste of Swiss hospitality.

Meanwhile, find out what’s causing our rapid growth – join the movement.

Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni Head of Marketing
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