What Is Email Automation? How Can It Uplevel Your Team?
What Is Email Automation? How Can It Uplevel Your Team?
Last updated:
January 27, 2022
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When your team spends a large part of the day responding to emails and delegating tasks, you may be looking for a way to be more efficient. For many companies working as a remote or hybrid team, simplifying tasks and communicating more effectively is a top priority. And since time is money, maximizing how time is spent can make a big difference in profit. How can this be done? Email automation is the key. But, what is email automation? 

When you think of email automation, you may be thinking about the ability to set up automatic responses or triggered campaigns, but automation can do so much more. And, more importantly, email automation can offer tremendous benefits for your team. Email automation can increase productivity and advance your team’s workflow to a level you never knew was possible. Let’s explore how.

What Is Email Automation? 

Email automation is the act of automating processes through a predetermined set of actions to reduce manual tasks. Email automation can be used as a workflow automation tool within your team to improve your company’s day-to-day processes and collaborate more efficiently with less errors. 

Why Use Email Automation? 

Email automation helps your team reduce the time spent completing manual tasks by automating responses and delegating assignments. As a remote or hybrid team, your team may utilize Zoom for meetings but planning and coordinating schedules take time. 

For many, email continues to be the top asynchronous form of communication for remote workers. Because it doesn't require immediate response, there are ways to automate email to create urgency and quick action or efficient work from your team.

Utilizing automation for your team’s inbox can help save time spent on menial tasks by automating email assignments, responses, and the meeting scheduling process.

Email Automation Benefits with Gmelius 

Gmelius offers an email management solution with automation features perfect for streamlining workflow to save your company time and money. 

Gmelius turns your team’s Gmail inbox into your workflow management system. Not only will this save hours of productivity, but it will up-level your team to communicate better and collaborate faster and more efficiently. 

Workflow Automation

What once was hours of work is now a few simple clicks and only minutes of your time. Automating workflow can help your team get the right tasks to the right person. For example, if a manager is looking to delegate a client request to the support team, they will often just forward the client's email to a shared inbox such as support@. But this method is not always practical. There is no telling when the support team will see this email and if it will reach the right person. This can lead to incomplete assignments, lack of accountability, and delayed response times.

For efficient collaboration, using a shared inbox with collaborative features will allow your entire team to focus on all incoming emails and transform the emails into a formal task. The task can then be assigned to a specific team member based on an automated sequence set by the user. This is done by setting workflow automation rules. 

Following a simple “if this - then that” logic can help assign specific emails to the right colleague. For example, if an email has “support” in the subject line, the email can be automatically assigned to the head of support. Your team can also set time-based targets with service level agreements (SLA) rules. This will ensure your team prioritizes meaningful conversations and meets internal performance goals. 

Gmail Templates

Composing emails can drain much-needed time out of the day, whether writing a formal request or coordinating instructions for a new hire. Email templates remove the struggle of coming up with good email copy to save time and help team members adhere to company guidelines by following a pre-written template.

Rather than spending hours copying and pasting, Gmelius can help your team:

  • build a library of personalized email templates in Gmail 
  • find the right template to use in seconds
  • send emails in one click
  • share personalized templates
  • Cc and Bcc the appropriate recipients

What once was a time-consuming task is now automated to give your team time back to their day and a better opportunity to collaborate.  


Do you ever wish you could put your workload on autopilot? Well, with Gmelius’ sequences feature, you can. Choose an email template and select a condition for the sequence you would like. Applying the "if this - then that" logic can automatically help organize emails as tasks and delegate assignments.

For example, if  (an email) has not been replied to after 2 days, then select an action such as “send email.” This will eliminate having to check in with colleagues to see if they have responded to an email and improve client response times by sending a follow-up. Teams can then select a counteraction, such as “move to board,” “snooze,” or “add label.” Sequences reduce the number of steps it takes to send follow-up emails and check in on tasks by automating the process to keep your pipeline up-to-date. 

Meeting Scheduler

Coordinating meetings can be frustrating and may take more time than the meeting itself. Gmelius helps resolve this common occurrence by offering a Gmail meeting scheduler feature. This feature allows teams to:

  • share calendar availability
  • send pre-meeting questionnaires 
  • automate reminders
  • integrate with video conferencing tools

Coordinating meetings takes multiple messages, checking availability, and then using a separate app or communication platform to schedule the meeting. Gmelius allows your team to embed their meeting scheduler directly in their email. Teams can quickly schedule meetings by selecting a time within an email and automating a reminder. The process is simplified for your team and can save hours spent coordinating.

Consider utilizing an email management solution that can be implemented with Gmail. Gmelius can take the way your team runs to the next level to streamline tasks and improve collaboration and productivity for your company.

When wondering, what is email automation? Gmelius has got you covered. Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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