Like Zendesk, Inside Gmail. A new approach to Help Desk.
Florian Bersier
CEO & Founder
Last updated:
March 4, 2021

If your team is using Gmail or G Suite, you just found the best alternative to Zendesk! Discover a help desk that does not require another tool, and offers a 360° view of all the interactions your different teams have with your customers. Join a new era of customer support.

Stay in Gmail and turn your inbox into a help desk

Zero learning curve, quick onboarding, your customer's data is safe.

Gmelius lives in Gmail and G Suite.

All the features offered by a classical helpdesk such as Zendesk are seamlessly integrated into your familiar Gmail inbox. This means there’s a near-zero learning curve. Your agents and account managers are empowered on day one of installation!

With Gmelius, there’s no need to learn another platform or waste time managing the data in between them.

Unlike Zendesk, Gmelius’ collaborative infrastructure has been designed and developed to ensure the content of your emails is not stored on external databases. Your emails continue to stay on Google’s servers and are never read by a human or a bot. At a time where the compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and California Privacy Act (CCPA) become vital for your business, Gmelius prevents any data dispersion and the associated risks this dispersion implies for your customers.

Achieve excellent customer service

Zendesk is Good. Gmelius is Better. Here's why.

Gmelius allows your team to deliver excellent customer service and support right from a Gmail conversation. Your team can assign emails or tickets to a specific agent, change the status, add tags, and @mention or add notes to the emails.

Like Zendesk, Gmelius lets you manage generic email addresses such as support@ but also makes possible to share and convert  any conversation into a support ticket.

Shared Inbox Support

Thanks to detailed activity metrics and SLA reports, managers are able to monitor and improve team progress.

Analytics Team

Collaborate as a Team in Gmail

Transform Gmail into a collaborative inbox. Get a complete view of your customers' journey.

Today, customer's support is more than managing and replying to tickets. To sustain a good retention rate, companies need to put in place processes that make possible to follow and monitor all interactions a user or customer has with different teams, e.g., Sales, Support, Success.

Gmelius lets you create multiple collaborative inboxes for your different departments, e.g., sales@, success@ and support@, and ensures your account managers get a clear and real-time view of all interactions from a single workspace, Gmail. Besides, Gmelius offers a way to share existing and new Gmail labels in order to organize even further your emails by client or project.

Shared Inbox Support in Gmail

Everyone is on the same page and collaborating efficiently. Add notes to comment and contextualize conversations, and see when a teammate is viewing or replying to a ticket.

With Gmelius, everything is synced in real-time across all your team members, all their devices, and the apps part of your stack – we offer desktop and mobile apps and multiple 2-way integrations. For instance, if you have team members who prefer working from Slack, they can do so by managing and replying to tickets directly from the latter platform.

Manage tickets as tasks

Your help desk has never been so intuitive, visual, and fun.

Gmelius provides you with Kanban boards in Gmail to manage tickets like tasks and get a visual representation of your help desk. Agents can assign and manage tickets by dragging and dropping them from one column to another.

Gmelius pioneers a new approach to help desk by making the whole support pipeline more visual and intuitive.

Kanban Board Support

Boards give your teams clear visibility, at every stage of a ticket, from open, unassigned to closed.

Automate your workflows

Put your teamwork on autopilot

Gmelius sequences automate your team’s workflow according to your instructions and client interactions. 


With “If this – Then that” flows you can bridge the gap between communications and your team’s actions.

Sequences New action

For example, if one of your clients responds to a ticket, auto-send a follow up email and assign it to a team member.

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