Unlock Business Intelligence with Communications Mining

Email is at the heart of how businesses run. It's where everything begins and ends, from customer service and sales to legal and finance. Gmelius helps leaders understand and improve the way work flows through emails, find where things can be done better, and suggest ways to make changes.
Communications Mining
Explore the leading Process Mining platform for Google Workspace and Gmail. Unlock Business Intelligence in days, not months.

Built for Gmail. Designed for Operations Leaders.

The overwhelming flow of emails throughout your organization obscures crucial insights and slows down operational effectiveness. Aimed at operational leaders such as VPs of Operations, COOs, and CEOs, Gmelius reveals the untapped power of email data, converting it into valuable business intelligence for strategic decision-making.

AI-powered. Result-driven.

Our AI-powered Mining technology provides a clear view of your email processes, helping leaders spot and improve inefficiencies. This newfound clarity enables strategic adjustments, ensuring that your operations are not just running, but thriving. Whether it's streamlining your team protocols or enhancing cross-departmental collaboration, our solution ensures that every email contributes to your operational excellence.

Unlock Business Intelligence with Communications Mining
Communications Mining | Business Intelligence for Google Workspace

Automated processes. New operational efficiency.

After pinpointing inefficiencies in your business email processes, Gmelius goes a step further by recommending actionable optimizations through automation. It transforms any routine tasks —like workload distribution— into smart, automated workflows. This shift minimizes manual work, allowing your teams to dedicate their efforts to strategic tasks.

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Just a few of the changes you can expect once Gmelius is part of your company's daily workflow. Results from our FY22 customer survey including 429 respondents.

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