Shared Inbox Features for Today's Real Estate Teams

Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Real estate firms can manage multiple inboxes easier with Gmelius. The features of our shared inbox streamline communication between agents and clients to create more opportunities to build valuable relationships and close more sales, all from within Gmail.
Beth Adams

Accelerate Email Response Time

After implementing Gmelius, our email response time went from 3 days to 30 minutes.
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Beth Adams
eXp Realty
Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Optimize Internal Operations With Clear Accountability

Shared inboxes make multiple real estate firm email addresses visible in one location. With Gmelius, each agent has a separate workspace in Gmail for easier organization and management. Assigning incoming emails to other agents allows clear accountability and ensures your team never misses a sales opportunity. 

Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Shared Inbox Features Streamline Communication With Agents and Clients

No need to wait for answers from forwarded or cc’d emails. Instead, you can begin and end a conversation through one platform with Gmelius’ email notes. Email notes connect agents with emails in real-time to streamline conversations using @mentions. Prompt, straightforward answers can deliver clear insight and connect clients to leads more quickly. 

Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Prompt Communication Using Workflow Automation

Swift responses to leads are critical to closing a sale. For every one hundred leads, only one will convert. Setting workflow automation rules with Gmelius’ shared inbox features helps agents schedule automated emails and follow-ups at the right time with the right words to expedite workflow in just a few clicks. Connecting with leads has never been easier. 

Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Build Customer Relationships With Personalized Email Templates

Personalized messages to potential buyers let them know you're personally invested in their journey. Instead of composing the same email over and over, use email templates to streamline the process. Gmelius’ email templates for Gmail offer advanced features, like the option to use variables that automatically insert recipients' names using our unique source code. 

Build Relationships and Connect Quickly With Buyers

Monitor Sales and Leads Easily

Once you have potential leads, you need a place to manage them. Agents can turn shared inboxes into visual workspaces using Gmelius Kanban boards. From lead to closing, you can document every potential buyer and organize them into columns for the whole team to see. Easily assign tasks to other agents for accountability, add sub-tasks, set urgent priority levels, and add tags for clarity. Automation rules can also streamline assignments and help you close leads in record time.

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Master teamwork, not another tool. Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture, e.g., assign and reply to emails from Slack or synchronize a Gmail label with a Trello board.