Turn Gmail into your Company’s Help Desk

Gmelius allows your team to deliver excellent customer service and support without leaving their inbox. Group emails like sales@ and support@ are easily managed, help desk ticketing-style, directly from Gmail.
Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019
Help desk software in Gmail

Simplify Teamwork

Transform Gmail into your company's workspace.

Gmelius lives in Gmail, so your team no longer has to manage multiple tools. Easy to use shared inboxes, shared labels, shared project boards, email templates, email notes, and more - all within your Gmail inbox.

Clear delegation and accountability

No more missed opportunities from sales@ or ignored customers from support@.

Gmelius simplifies delegation and makes accountability clear. Incoming emails are easily assigned to team members with a ticketing widget; you can add tags, priority levels, and statuses.

Shared inbox with email delegation
Collision detection in Gmail

Deliver excellent service and support with no mistakes

With Gmelius, your team members’ avatar will show when they are viewing the email.

And their ellipsis icon will actively-pulse when they are replying. No more embarrassing mistakes like colliding emails or double replies. With a near-zero learning curve, Gmelius makes it easy for your team to collaborate and deliver the best service.

Collaborate with your team to deliver the best

Gmelius features bridge the gap between your client interactions and your teams’ workflow.

Shared inboxes bring your communications together. Shared labels organize them. Email notes allow you to @mention your team members alongside each email for behind the scenes collaboration.

Convert email to task in Gmail
Help desk automation

Automate your help desk process

Gmelius features allow your team to automate repetitive tasks.

Email templates, smart follow-ups, and “If this, Then that” workflow automation will save your team time and energy - freeing them up to close more deals and provide your customers a more personalized level of service.

Get clear visibility over your help desk

Gmelius boards give you a clear overview of your new help desk in Gmail. You can turn emails into tickets and add them to your shareable Trello-like project boards.

Your entire team can monitor and collaborate on each tickets’ progress through completion.

Help desk boards
Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019

Experience a better way to work together.

Quickly installed and easy to use, Gmelius comes pre-configured and seamlessly integrates with the inbox you and your team know and love.