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G Suite is a collection of enterprise-based products.
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Whether you are migrating to G Suite or already using it, Gmelius is here to simplify collaboration across your company. Turn G Suite into a collaborative inbox, supercharge it with automation and project management solutions, and seamlessly integrate it with your teams' daily tools (Slack, Trello, Zoom, and more).
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Gmelius G Suite integration

Increase transparency and accountability by letting your Groups collaboratively manage emails like info@ or sales@ from their personal inboxes. Effectively organize your client and project communications by sharing your Gmail labels and syncing them with your Slack channels. Collaborate in real time with other departments and external partners by turning emails into actionable task cards and syncing them with Trello boards. Automate your company processes with SLA rules, auto-responders, meeting scheduler, smart integrations and more.

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Succeed with your G Suite migration

Whether you are migrating to G Suite or being a G Suite reseller, Gmelius is your winning factor. Gmelius empowers companies and their teams with centralized collaboration, project management and automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with G Suite and other daily tools companies use (Slack, Trello, Zoom, and more).

Turn G Suite into a collaborative inbox

Share emails like sales@ or support@, and Gmail labels with the right teammates. No more bcc or email forwards. Assign emails and exchange internal email notes for error-proof communication across departments.

Bring email collaboration to the next level with our unique two-way integration between Gmail and Slack. Sync your inbox activities with your Slack channels, and let your teams interact with emails no matter which tool each teammate prefers to work from, Gmail or Slack.

Power up your project management

Successfully drive projects through to completion, by turning Gmail labels and shared inboxes into visual Kanban boards right inside your inbox. Assign tasks to your Group members, set due dates and sync them with your Google Calendar.

Facilitate collaboration between your departments and align communications with your clients by integrating Gmelius boards with Trello in real time. Get a consolidated view on your projects by turning your emails into actionable task cards and syncing them with Trello or mirroring Trello boards inside your inbox.

Automate your company processes

Gmelius offers a unique workflow intelligence solution so your Groups can work smarter and be more productive. Create SLA rules, set up auto-responses and auto-assign conversations to specific team members. Easily schedule meetings by inserting your availability into emails with auto-populated Google Meet or Zoom meeting links. Efficiently manage your project and client pipelines by adding automation inside your boards. Automate your outreach with shareable email templates, sequences and smart drip campaigns.

Automatically sync G Suite users with Gmelius

Manage G Suite and Gmelius users at the same time. Once you add a new User or a Group in G Suite, they will be automatically added to your Gmelius subscription.

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