Google Workspace Expanded: Save Time, Stress, and Logins
Google Workspace Expanded: Save Time, Stress, and Logins
Last updated:
February 24, 2023
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Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

In a new era of working from home and asynchronous communication, you may be looking for a better way to collaborate with your team online. Google Workspace—formally known as G Suite—is often the top choice for many businesses. With numerous user-friendly features and collaboration tools perfect for teams, it's no wonder why over 6 million businesses (and counting) are using this collaborative platform. But what if you could take the many features of Google Workspace one step further?

While Google Workspace offers familiar assets to help meet company needs, it has its limitations that may leave your team looking for more. Google Workspace extensions can bring innovative tools for your company to enhance team collaboration and productivity, saving your team a great deal of time and stress.

This article explores current Google Workspace features and integration options designed to build a more collaborative workspace for your team.

Google Workspace Explained

Google Workspace is a collection of communication and productivity apps combined into a single interface. What happened to G Suite? Google Workspace is simply a rebranding of G Suite to offer a more collaborative workspace for users.

Google Workspace contains many applications your team may already be familiar with. These include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Groups
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets

Google Workspace offers extensive features in addition to the ones listed above and is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses. 

What Are Google Workspace Extensions?

If Google Workspace does not fit the needs of your team, there are integration and extension options that can be implemented. Extensions complement the features of Google and expand the existing functionality to suit your team's needs. Expanding on a current Google Workspace also allows team members to explore other productivity and collaboration apps within the Google ecosystem.

How Your Company Can Benefit from Google Workspace Extensions

Google Workspace can offer numerous benefits for your team, but it is not without its limitations. If your team wants to build a shared inbox within Gmail, Google offers Google Groups. From there, you can create a shared inbox, or what Google calls a collaborative inbox. Teams can manage group addresses as a team. However, you will need to create a separate shared inbox address. This means your team will have to manage two inboxes on different platforms.

Furthermore, your team is probably using numerous applications to manage operations. For example, your team may use Gmail as your primary source of asynchronous communication, which does not require an immediate response. What about when your team has an urgent request that needs a fast response? Your team may utilize another platform such as Slack, a messaging app specifically designed for businesses. The same can be said for project management tools and video conferencing. The switching back and forth between applications can take a great deal of time out of your day and take focus away from otherwise critical tasks.

A Google Workplace extension offers app integration that fits inside your Gmail inbox to expand on existing features without having to switch applications to improve team communication, collaboration, and boost productivity. 

Gmelius: The Best Collaboration Tool for Your Team

If you are looking for a better way to collaborate, Gmelius is the perfect solution for your team. Gmelius is an all-inclusive communication and collaboration tool that seamlessly integrates within the Google ecosystem. Gmelius complements the many features a Google Workspace can offer but brings more potential for your teams to collaborate. Gmelius seamlessly integrates with:

  • Google Workspace
  • Gmail
  • Google Groups
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Meet
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Zapier

Gmelius helps your teammates collaborate without leaving other apps and functions without limitation. For example, your team may be able to create a Google Group for your shared inbox necessities, but the collaboration features are limited. 

With Gmelius, your team is able to create a shared inbox directly in Gmail and allow team members to manage group addresses from their personal inboxes. This means no additional logins and switching back and forth between accounts. 

Unlike Google Groups, emails can be assigned to specific team members to ensure accountability amongst your staff and guarantee the right person addresses each email. Did you already go through all the steps in creating a Google Group? Your Google Group can be transformed into a Gmelius shared inbox in just a few simple steps. 

Your team can organize emails with shared inboxes or shared labels, add context with email notes, and delegate them to other team members. Doing this saves time and reduces confusion when managing a standard shared inbox. 

Project management can stress your team and take time away from valuable tasks. Gmelius helps to combine email and project management with visual Kanban boards and project management app integrations. With Gmelius, your teams have the ability to turn emails into task cards and add them to shareable Kanban project boards. 

These are just a few examples of the many functionalities Gmelius can offer. By expanding your Google Workspace, you can transform your Gmail inbox into a powerful and smart collaboration platform that saves time, reduces stress, and helps your team communicate and collaborate more effectively. 

Ready to explore Gmelius as your Google Workspace extension? Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Sign up today!

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Cut to the chase...
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Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

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