Why G Suite’s better home for work validates our vision
Why G Suite’s better home for work validates our vision
Last updated:
January 29, 2021
Cut to the chase...
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Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

At Gmelius, we believe that teamwork can be simplified by helping teams collaborate while using the tools they already know and love.

A new home for work in G Suite, with Gmail at the core.

In the coming weeks, Google will be releasing a "better home for work". What is it exactly? It is an integrated workspace that deepens integration within Google’s core applications and tools including Google Meet, Chat, Docs and Tasks, with Gmail at the center. Its teaser page URL is nothing less than /nextgen-gmail

The rationale behind this move is pretty simple - beyond competing vs. Microsoft and Slack: Google knows switching back-and-forth between apps is a major time guzzler. It interrupts both one’s workflow and one’s productivity. To resolve this, Google intends to bring more fluidity into its collaborative features, starting with Gmail’s inbox:  “where most of us begin our workday”. And indeed, one’s workday starts with the inbox and then continues, way beyond G Suite. This is where Gmelius comes in. 

Our vision of the integrated workspace

Our journey at Gmelius started with offering shared inboxes and collaboration features right inside Gmail. 

Our product has evolved and we now feature unique 2-way integrations between G Suite and companies’ daily work apps like Slack, Trello and Zoom (and next on our Product Roadmap are Asana, Monday, Zapier and a Public API so our clients can create solutions that fit their unique needs). 

With COVID-19’s impact on how companies work and operate, we are seeing our customers seek and rely on best of breed B2B apps that help them achieve their goals. What we are building is a collaboration platform that syncs these tools together.

As a G Suite official partner, we believe our offering augments what G Suite customers can get out of G Suite: 

  • we’re making integration with their stack more flexible - no need for data migration, integration between tools can be achieve in a few clicks - and powerful thanks to real-time 2-way synchronization of data across their tools 
  • we’re making G Suite more collaborative - bringing visibility and efficiency thanks to Gmelius features like email delegation, shared inbox, shared labels, kanban boards, meeting scheduler 
  • we’re making teams unlock workflow intelligence - saving time and automating their daily tasks thanks to Gmelius rules and email sequences

Our ultimate goal is to become the Bundler of a company’s work apps, and the Brain that optimises its processes across teams.

Why we are building 2-way integrations

Each integration we are building at Gmelius is based on a 2-way architecture. 

Our vision is to let a team member work from her preferred tool, while keeping her team in sync, regardless of the tool they are working in.

We ensure one can manage a company’s project either from Trello or Gmail, or monitor a group email such as support@ either from Slack or her inbox. Each action (assignment, comment, status, reply, workflow automation) is updated across all integrated apps, for everyone on the team, and beyond. 

We believe silos across tools create dispersion of teams, data and processes. We aim at bridging these siloes to unlock collaboration, alignment and productivity. By offering an integrated workspace that ties best of breed apps together, we are able to unify communication not only within a team, but also across teams that would otherwise be siloed in their go-to apps. For instance, with Gmelius, a Sales team using Gmail can easily communicate without leaving their inbox with a Product team that uses Slack as a primary communication tool, and exchange information with a Marketing team who manages their projects on Trello, all this without leaving their tool of preference, while keeping everyone on top of status updates, in real time, thanks to our 2-way integrations. 

We are very excited to see the movement towards an integrated workspace accelerate, and we are looking forward to helping more companies succeed by simplifying collaboration. 

Ready to wave goodbye to endless back and forth between apps and align your teams? We’d love to show you how. Request your 15-min demo of Gmelius with our Success team. 

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Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

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