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Gmelius empowers your familiar inbox with a rich tool set of features. Shared labels, shared inboxes, Kanban boards, a lightweight CRM, and more. Small and medium-sized businesses appreciate our complete and dependable solution. For email management and team collaboration, Gmelius is proving to be the best alternative.

Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019
Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni
Head of Marketing

Lately we’ve noticed a wave of Hiver users migrating to Gmelius. Although we’re known for automation, productivity, and email management features that empower teams; we credit this new shift of Hiver users to our obsession with customer satisfaction.

This constant drive is what motivates us to not only design, but also maintain key features like shared labels. And the many others that ease the pain points of your team – from communication, to collaboration, to client and pipeline management.

Email Management
Hiver has discontinued shared labels. Although at Gmelius we’ve found our shareable labels and email notes to be key in the communication and organizational processes of our clients.
Shared Inbox

Manage shared inboxes such as support@ or sales@. Transform your Gmail into a Helpdesk.

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Collision Detection

Get alerted when someone is responding to an email.

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Shared Labels

Create shareable Gmail labels for each client, and project.

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Email Notes

Add context to your emails – collaborate privately behind the scenes.

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Project Management
Gmelius kanban boards are central to project visualization and pipeline management. Turn emails into tasks, add them to boards, and share them with your team for unified execution.
Kanban Boards

Pipeline Management

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Gmelius equips you with a suite of automation tools, putting your outreach on autopilot. Systemize your communications and email flows based on your chosen triggers.
Email Templates done done
Email Tracking done clear
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Campaigns (Mail Merge) done clear
Email Scheduling done clear
Smart Follow Ups done clear
100% Swiss made and GDPR compliant. We even prevent email forgery thanks to a unique Blockchain architecture.
User Interface (UI)
Ex-Hiver users are loving our platform. Designed from the ground up for simplicity and dependability.

The proof is in the satisfaction of our users, the many 5-star reviews, and the top awards we continue to receive.

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We absolutely love Gmelius and the team behind it – this solution literally doubled our team’s efforts by supercharging our emails! We knew we made the right choice just after seeing the impact of having it installed after one day…

Lucy Lau, Operations, VChain
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