How to use templates for Email collaboration
Lina Yakunina
Product Marketing Manager
June 22, 2017

Templates are an easy solution to save time on repetitive emails such as quotes, cold outreach, newsletters.

They can be as simple as inserting the same pre-defined text into emails or be much more complex with html format and variables to automatically insert the first and last name of a recipient, adjust the subject line, add labels, etc.

They are a great communication tool and should be used and shared regularly.

Indeed, sharing a “quote template” or a “weekly newsletter template” with your team ensures that those emails always have the same branded look and format with adjustable content!

Sharing Templates

One of the main hassle of email management as a team is the consistency of the information and the means of collaboration.

You have to go through a complicated CRM program or endless exchanges on drafts to finally agree on an email content, and when the one person who has the final draft is away you are just stuck waiting.

Being able to share templates with your team right from your inbox makes the whole process simpler and smoother. This allows you to make sure your team’s emails have the same format, that change in quotation or information only has to be modified in one template email to be update across the department and it allows you to work together on new recurring email’s format and content.

Businesses using the Gmelius template system find it a one-stop solution and use it for various aspects of their work:

Use Cases

A company close to Geneva which offers a shuttle service to Mountain ski resorts from the Geneva international airport uses templates to organize the trip details. For dozens of daily trips, with many different account managers, the format of the email is always the same, making sure all the necessary information is provided to the drivers.

Sales managers at a Medtech company mentioned using them amongst their team, with the product manager as the owner of the template, making sure the latest product information was included on each outreach, thanks to his updates. They also set variables within the templates to make sure the subject line and text of the email include the recipient’s name. (It is believed that a person’s name is their favorite word and using personalized subject lines increases email open rate.)

Another company, organising carrier deliveries for private and professional clients, uses templates to send their pricing details with amendable quotes depending on the quantities sent and recurring orders.

Other businesses have used it for their monthly newsletter, setting the format of the email in html, making sure the branding was always right and that essentials such as contact details and social media links were never forgotten. Using such a newsletter template, allows any team member to access the template and write part of the content without needing previous html knowledge. The newsletter is then always sent out looking flawless.

A charity has confessed to using the templates system to handle their enquiries and information requests, their team being mostly made of volunteers, present on a rolling basis, it was difficult to make sure everyone knew all the answers. That is why they set up templates with the answers to all recurring questions, so all volunteers could use the templates to find the answer they needed.

Templates are also useful in case of cold outreach. Account managers of the same company can share templates or create new ones for A/B testing so that all the team can use the email with the best opening rate.

There are many ways to use and solve problems with shared templates. On top of the sales that could be achieved and the concerns that could be answered, shared templates are a way to collaborate better and offer each member of a team with all the information they need.

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