Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar to Streamline Team Scheduling
Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar to Streamline Team Scheduling
Last updated:
February 17, 2022
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If your company operates using a hybrid model or as a remote team, you likely spend hours in virtual meetings every day. Scheduling meetings can be time-consuming if your company only uses Zoom for video conferencing.

While Zoom can send meeting invites through Gmail to schedule the meeting right inside of Google Calendar, the process still involves relying on a separate platform to schedule meetings. But what if you never had to leave your inbox to schedule meetings with Zoom?

Google Calendar-compatible platforms like Gmelius can integrate Zoom with Google Calendar to reduce schedule coordination time, manual administrative work, and scheduling errors. Let's explore how your team can streamline the scheduling process. 

The Need for Zoom and Google Calendar Integration

The global pandemic has caused many companies to turn to remote or hybrid models for their teams. Quick in-person questions have transformed into additional video conferences and long email threads. 

Online coordination time has increased causing assignments to be completed outside of regular working hours. While some employees prefer a work-from-home environment, the added coordination time brings a new set of challenges that can lead to employee burnout, poor communication, and hinders productivity.

If your team uses Zoom to schedule meetings, there are a variety of steps involved to arrange a meeting. For example, you must:

  1. view your colleague’s calendar availability
  2. find a time that works for everyone
  3. schedule the meeting in Zoom
  4. send the invite through email

This process is not efficient for streamlining workflow. However, working remotely can still present many opportunities to collaborate effectively. For example, a tool that integrates with both Zoom and Google Calendar can reduce the time spent coordinating schedules, allowing teams to schedule meetings directly from their Gmail account. 

How To Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar

An integration tool decreases coordination times, reduces the steps required to schedule meetings, and streamlines workflow. Gmelius makes this possible with its unique two-way sync architecture. 

Gmelius is a communication and collaboration platform for Gmail. Gmelius makes it possible to collaborate within a shared inbox that can iterate with numerous tools, including Google Calendar and Zoom, to make scheduling meetings for your team faster and more efficient. 

With Gmelius’ Zoom-Gmail integration, teams can insert their availability into emails with auto-populated Zoom meeting links. Teams can quickly schedule meetings via email and review meeting details directly in Google Calendar. 

Our meeting scheduler feature enhances the process by aligning your attendees' availability with your Google Calendar to add context with meeting details, simplify your teams' processes of scheduling Zoom meetings and calls, and send auto-reminders without leaving Gmail. With Gmelius, teams can: 

Organize Zoom Meetings from Gmail

Rather than relying on multiple platforms to communicate schedules, Gmelius makes it possible to organize meetings right from Gmail. Teams can send personalized Zoom meeting invites, add pre-meeting questionnaires, and schedule automated reminders directly from their compose window. These meeting invites can be sent using any modern web browser or smartphone with the Gmelius mobile app for Android and iOS.

Sync Meeting Details with Google Calendar 

With calendar availability easily implemented into an email, team members can select their availability. Once the time slot is booked, Gmelius’ Meeting Scheduler synchronizes a Zoom meeting link and details with your Google Calendar. This removes the extra steps to view calendar availability and schedule the meeting in the separate Zoom app. It also reduces the risk of mistakes and user error by having meeting times sent directly in an email synced to Google Calendar. 

Gone are the days of canceling and rescheduling meetings. The process is simplified and easy for everyone. Teams can also duplicate existing meeting types to eliminate creating the same email multiple times. 

Automate Workflows

Imagine your workday is already filled with meetings consuming up to half of your day. Rather than spending more time coordinating schedules and emailing back and forth, teams can create shareable email templates and sequences with pre-configured Zoom meeting invites. Gmelius helps to streamline the process of emailing and scheduling meetings. 

When your company leverages Gmelius to integrate Zoom with Google Calendar, it helps save time on coordination so teams can focus on essential matters. Let Gmelius help your team transform the way you organize meetings. 

If you are looking to integrate Zoom with Google Calendar to help streamline your team’s workflow, check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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