Introducing our 2-way Gmail to Trello integration
Introducing our 2-way Gmail to Trello integration
Last updated:
March 4, 2021
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Cut to the chase...
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Teams increasingly need visibility

To efficiently manage workload, we have seen more and more teams moving forward with the Agile methodology and the Kanban framework as it's very visual and easy to understand. Therefore, we decided to double down efforts on our own Gmail-based Kanban boards to allow our customers to visualize their email pipeline and manage projects as a team right inside Gmail. 

Gmail is where most of us start their workday, yet we understand that your work is organized across multiple apps. To manage projects visually, many teams use a separate tool, disconnected from their inbox. Trello is one of them and is trusted by millions. So we decided to build a 2-way integration between Gmail and Trello to simplify teamwork for our customers.

What does a 2-way integration mean?

Our 2-way integration architecture connects your everyday tools together. Whether it’s Gmail, Slack, Trello, or more (our Zapier integration is coming soon), Gmelius brings your teams and their apps together, while allowing every team member to use their preferred app. 

In a nutshell, our 2-way integration between Gmail and Trello, allows you to choose where to work from, while syncing your data from Gmail to Trello and from Trello to Gmail. All your updates reflect in real-time for everyone in both apps, so you don’t have to duplicate work nor switch back and forth. 

Check out this quick video to see our Gmail-Trello integration in action. Below you will also find a few specific use cases of how you and your teams can use the integration.

Before we deep dive into specific use cases, let’s take a look at how Gmelius turns Gmail into actionable Kanban boards, and why your team should use them.

Kanban-style project boards in Gmail

Any email can be part of a project and thus lead to a task. With Gmelius you can easily convert email conversations into actionable task cards and collaborate on projects across your teams with Kanban-style project boards right inside Gmail.

The possibilities are endless. You may want to create a Kanban board for a specific project or client. You can also share a Gmail label with your team and visualize your work by turning your label into a board. Or you can even transform your entire inbox or manage your Shared Inboxes with the board view.

Kanban Board in Gmail

Integrate Gmail with Trello, 2-way

So why should you integrate Gmail boards with Trello and import your Trello projects to your inbox?

Centralize your projects in one place

First, you get a consolidated view of all your projects, tasks, and pipelines. There is no need to lose time, switching between apps, and trying to find the right information. All your updates will reflect in real time, both in Gmail and Trello. 

As a result, by letting each team member work from their preferred tool, you’ll help them save time and increase your team’s productivity overall.

Simplify your collaboration processes

Second, our unique 2-way Gmail to Trello integration simplifies your collaboration processes and adds visibility to your projects regardless of the platform your different stakeholders use.

If two of your teams collaborate on the same project, with one team managing projects in Trello while the other works primarily from Gmail, our 2-way integration will simplify their workflow by keeping them up to date on each other’s progress, without the unnecessary back-and-forth. 

Build transparency with your partners and clients

Last but not least, Gmelius helps you build trust by making your Gmelius boards and Gmail labels visible to your clients and partners in Trello, so that the progress of a project becomes visible to everyone at any time.

To sum up

As you can see, with Gmelius and our unique 2-way integration, your Gmail and Trello are synced together with no need to migrate data to a different third-party solution, nor to migrate your teams to another application. 

Are you ready to simplify teamwork by integrating Gmail with Trello? Check our setup guide to get started.

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