How to Manage Customer Service from Gmail?
April 26, 2019

Whether it is a simple complaint or one which requires all hands-on deck, how you respond to your customers will determine the long-term success of your business.

Customers keep your business up and running, and when it comes to profits, they are the fuel which drives the engine of your organization. Without effective customer service management, your profit margins will dwindle, jeopardizing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Deliver Superior Customer Service from Gmail

The old saying "Build it and they will come" is no longer true. With a multitude of competitive options in every industry, businesses are now competing on the customer experience that's associated with their product or service. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to deliver superior customer service?

According to Gartner, 89% of businesses are competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. And if you, as a business, don’t offer great customer service your customers will have a bad experience. And as Forbes rightly pointed out, it can result in losing a considerable amount of revenue or even going out of business.

Bad customer experience can literally be the end of your company. It is therefore critically important to understand your client's journey and use the best tools available to optimize it at every step.

The Journey of a Customer Ticket

When a customer lodges a complaint, it eventually makes its way to an email inbox. Where it goes from there, to whom, and how the communication is managed will determine if the issue gets resolved promptly and successfully.

Gmelius offers you a rich set of features including: Shared Inboxes, Email Delegation, Email Notes, and more to make this happen each and every time with every ticket.

Create a Gmail Shared Inbox

A Gmelius shared inbox is the evolution of email. It removes the steps which slowed down conversations and made email miscommunication a common problem, especially when it involves multiple recipients.

When you want to share an email, all you do is choose your teammates name from your email sharing drop-down list and it will automatically sync the conversation into their inbox. You can structure the conversation further using three different workflows to coordinate with the Shared Inbox: Ticketing, Inbox, and None.

  • Ticketing - lets you assign shared emails to anyone in your team with support@, sales@, info@, and other alias group inboxes. The concept is the same as a helpdesk solution with ticket management.
  • Inbox - automatically syncs a shared Inbox with the inboxes of your team. Anytime a new email comes into your shared mailbox, it will show up in the inboxes of all users added to the shared rule.
  • None - syncs shared emails under a shared label to simply notify your team of new shared conversations coming into the shared Inbox.

The inbox can be shared in its entirety or by selecting specific email conversations. And once you share the inbox the next step is to properly delegate the emails.

Delegate Emails with Gmail

Email Delegation eliminates the traditional methods of email communication such as bcc, cc, or forwards. The transparency it provides means you can track the journey of the conversation to its conclusion after you delegate a task.

When you assign an email with Gmelius, you and your team are synced together with each reply from the assigned emails. Everyone is on the same page as to what is being accomplished with each task. And best of all, the tracking information allows team leaders to view the entire thread of the conversations with each member.

Part of this process may require adding a note to a conversation. With Email Notes, you can add context to ensure each ticket is moving in the right direction.

Create and Share Email Notes in Gmail

The simplest customer service ticket can quickly get complicated and out of control. The ability to add the latest and most relevant information to a particular email gets rid of this complexity before it becomes unmanageable.

Gmelius email notes let you privately share ideas and feedback with your team, without including the original sender. And if you ever need to find one of the notes, Gmail’s search function can be used by typing a word which belongs to the body of the note.

Together Shared Inbox, Email Delegation, and Email Notes form part of a comprehensive set of tools available with Gmelius to manage your customer service journey.

In the past these features were only available on different solutions, which made managing customer service tickets costly and complicated. Gmelius brings together all these features and more within your Gmail inbox.

Gmelius shared inboxes and email optimization features like tracking, and smart follow-ups, empower your team to treat your clients as people and not just “tickets," which is the essence of excellent customer service.

Use Gmail to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Used together Shared Inbox, Email Delegation, and Email Notes in Gmelius give your business a centralized customer service hub. And it does this by optimizing your Gmail inbox and transforming it into a workspace to address customer requests.

The first thing Gmelius offers is simplicity in the execution of these functions. What this means for your company is a low learning curve since all the features are integrated into your Gmail inbox.

The ease of use allows everyone in your organization to be part of the customer service journey and offer the best customer experience possible. By including your entire team in addressing customer issues, workable solutions are quicker and more relevant than having a call center with a menu of canned responses.

Gmelius Turns your Gmail Inbox into a Customer Service Center

Delivering great customer service requires having the information you need at your fingertips and being able to communicate quickly and efficiently across your entire organization.

In addition, the execution of customer services requires you to have the right tool to  optimize your process at each stage. Gmelius empowers your team to manage customer service directly from your Gmail inbox - from initial contact to final resolution.

Install Gmelius and transform your email inbox into a central work-hub of customer service. You’ll find tools designed to create, manage, track, and analyze conversations with your customers. Knowing what their needs are at all times, and efficiently solving their problems, is the key to providing great customer service.

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