Yes, You Can Manage Your Sales Pipeline From Gmail! [Here's how]
Yes, You Can Manage Your Sales Pipeline From Gmail! [Here's how]
Last updated:
August 24, 2021
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First, what is a sales pipeline? A Sales pipeline is a visual representation of where leads are in your sales process.

A sales pipeline provides visibility into your sales process - allowing your team to effectively manage the flow of contacting prospects, follow-ups, closing deals, deliverables, and more.

The goal of a sales pipeline is to empower your team with the tools to systematically guide your prospects through a smooth journey and convert them into your customers.

The problem is businesses who don’t have experience with sales pipelines think it's a one-size-fits-all solution. But it is far from that. The sales process is different for each organization, and even between products.

If as a company you don’t create a unique sales pipeline designed to nurture the buyer’s journey, you won’t be able to capitalize on its potential. The benefits depends on each team member being aware, in real-time, of what is taking place at each stage of your sales cycle.

Having a solution which allows you to develop each stage with deep context and accountability is essential to close more deals and learn from each sale.

Can You Manage Your Sales Pipeline in Gmail?

If Gmail is not the first name which comes up when you think about a pipeline management solution, you're not alone. But when combined with Gmelius, Gmail becomes an effective work-hub to manage your sales team and clients. Collaboration backed by transparency and accountability.  And it all happens within your Gmail inbox.

Gmelius empowers your team with collaborative tools that improve workplace communications and increase cross-department visibility. Marketing is aware of Sales, and vice-versa. Management is aware of all team member activities. All activities synced in real-time, across all team members, and all devices.

Our Shared inboxes, Sequences for automation, Trello-like Kanban boards, and real-time activity notifications work together to manage clients and pipelines from beginning to end.

Get Visibility into your Sales Process

A well-crafted sales pipeline gives you a clear snapshot of your sales process. If structured correctly your pipeline will show you real-time activity and status reports on each member of your team, including their leads, prospects, and conversions.

Gmelius brings together the internal and external stages of your sales process. Analyzing and optimizing these movements will improve your teams workflow and success rate. This connectivity between communications and processes will provide the visibility your team needs to succeed.  

Manage your Sales Pipeline with Gmelius Kanban Boards

Every organization is different, but the stages of a sales pipeline are usually variations of prospecting, qualifying, contacting, offers, negotiating terms, closing the deal, and deliverables. Some companies will go beyond the delivery of the product with multiple stages of follow-ups to nurture the relationship for customer retention.

When you come up with the different stages of your sales pipeline for a campaign, you can create columns on your Gmelius board to match each stage.

The visual representation of the different stages of a sales pipeline can be seen clearly, allowing you to monitor your team’s performance. Each time an action is taken in the sales pipeline, the drag and drop feature lets you move the card, in a GTD, Get Things Done, style along the respective columns until the deal is closed.

Kanban Boards in Gmail

If you want to add a note for an action a salesperson has taken, you can click it, comment on it, and add a task with priority tags and due dates to makes sure it gets done. Task reminders will ensure the person receives it and they can be tracked visually inside your boards.

You can continue the thread by adding subtasks until the issue is resolved. When it's done, mark the task as complete by simply running your mouse over it and clicking the done button.

By design, the Gmelius Kanban boards are easy to use. Their integration into your Gmail inbox takes the functionality further by allowing you to turn emails into task cards and add them to your boards with one click.

Add to Board

These movements can be seen on your Kanban board in Gmelius to get an overall picture of where each salesperson is in the process.

As the manager, you can monitor the deals in each of the pipelines for all your salespeople to determine where they are in the stage. And because you are tracking every action, you can identify the reasons why you won or lost a deal and act on it.

On their own, Gmelius Kanban boards are enough to manage your sales pipeline. But adding our Sequences, takes your outreach to the next level. Automation and personalization, further empowers your sales team as they communicate with prospects and each other.

Automate Your Communication with Email Sequences

When you manage sales pipelines, some cycles will be short and others will be much longer. Automating the external back and forth with prospects will free up more time for your team. And automating the internal workflows to manage the pipelines will do the same for your team, making you more efficient.

Sales teams nurture their leads/prospects by sending resources and keeping them engaged until they are ready to make a decision. Client retention also requires engagement, this includes following up with existing customers who are nearing their renewal date. Well, imagine automating all of these activities. The time it saves your sales team, will result in more time to close leads.


Sequences from Gmelius allow you to automate a series of timed emails and send them to your prospects directly from Gmail. The "if this, then that" flow of sequences allow you to create and launch these emails flows with customized messages according to your recipients reactions.  

The conditions you set will be based on the way your prospects interact with them. You can automate the email drips by setting conditions such as if they open - send this email, if they respond - add this email to this board, if they don't - send this. This includes scheduling the email to be sent at the right time while taking into account their local time.

The flexibility Gmelius gives you means never having to lose a prospect through the cracks, while keeping your sales pipeline and team members updated with the latest conversation.

Sales managers can also use Sequences to customize the individual steps in their team's pipeline and send messages to specific reps. When the reps receive the email through your team inbox, various actions can be triggered automatically where instant follow-up is required.

If the sales rep doesn’t take an action, Gmelius can be set up to send you and the recipient a reminder.

All of these actions are taking place within your Gmail inbox and synced in real-time.

Gmelius: The Solution for Sales Workflow Automation

“Use the right tool for the right job” is an old adage which will always ring true. Gmelius offers a set of tools which are right for the way you collaborate with your team, communicate with your prospects, and manage the sales processes of your pipeline.

You can monitor and assign tasks, optimize follow-ups, and get real operational visibility of your team without having to switch between multiple applications.

Above all Gmelius provides the deep context and accountability which are needed during each phase of pipeline management, from clients to projects, to the team that drives them.  

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