Enhance Your Customer Service Email System
Enhance Your Customer Service Email System
Last updated:
October 27, 2022
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Quality customer service is arguably one of the most fundamental pillars of an organization’s success. Positive customer service experiences drive positive business outcomes. And a quality email system contributes to this excellence. The ability to address customer service emails swiftly and efficiently is vital, but even more important is having a quality platform from which to manage them all. This means that a reliable customer service email system is essential for creating successful outcomes. 

What Is a Customer Service Email System? 

A customer service email system is a platform that manages large quantities of customer service emails. Many businesses accept customer service requests via telephone, chatbots, or email. While some customers prefer to speak directly to a human agent, others prefer to interact online at their convenience. Since email is a mode ideal for long-form written communication, email and customer service are inextricable.

When developing an email outlet for customer service requests, it’s common practice to create a generic email account like support@(yourcompanyname).com. This type of address makes it easy for consumers and internal teams to understand what content to expect in emails from the sender. A support@ email address can be an individual email account, a group address, or perhaps a shared inbox. Whatever method you choose, proper management of the requests is essential. That’s where a customer service email system comes in. 

Email organization is critical for a successful customer service department. Lost or unresolved emails can be detrimental to retaining your current customer base. A customer service email platform can systematically organize emails for clearer navigation. Additionally, having a system in place can help teams communicate more efficiently when addressing incoming tasks. While you may not need to replace your current customer service email solution, you may want to consider enhancing it.

Before implementing new solutions, it’s important to determine what you want in a system or, perhaps, what you're missing. Identifying holes in a current system can help you decide what you need to improve. 

Why You Need a Quality Email System

93% of customers will make a repeat brand purchase if they receive excellent customer service. To achieve a similar standard of excellence, you need a quality system. Navigating customer service using standard email methods is not sustainable. As an organization grows, so will the number of customer service tickets. Additionally, customer service standards have risen—right along with inflation costs and shipment delays. As a result, the demand for quality customer care is significantly higher. For some consumers, one bad experience will not sway their opinion of a brand. For others, one bad experience could turn that consumer into a competitor.

A customer service email system provides unique advantages for teams, including:

  • simple email navigation
  • email organization
  • personalized email responses
  • automated workflow
  • email reporting and analytics
  • team collaboration

While not every system will include every item listed, it’s essential that your system does—so you can enjoy all the benefits a quality customer support platform can offer.

Enhance Your Current Email System: Features for Improved Results 

If your current customer service email system does not meet demands, it may be time to upgrade with Gmelius. Enhancing the quality of your email system is the best way to achieve profitable and quantifiable results. Here are some features to consider: 


Today, customer support solutions often depend on the latest software. Simple email solutions and helpdesks are not enough for modern teams. Instead, organizations turn to customer support integrations to help manage the clutter and build better communication opportunities. 

Email integrations cover all the bases of customer support by synchronizing data or offering tools to address needs in other areas. With Gmelius, teams do not need to compromise between a help desk or an external email solution. Everything you need lives inside Gmail, so you can say goodbye to your external help desk and cluttered Google Groups. 

Gmelius integrations.

Gmelius combines emails, Slack messages, Trello board tasks, and more into one easy-to-manage interface. 

Gmelius-Slack integration.

Combining every facet of customer service keeps employees organized and focused, improving efficiency.

Workflow Automation

Unaddressed emails can quickly get lost, turning potentially positive interactions into negative ones. Using workflow automation rules offers a simple way to ensure customers receive follow-up messages within seconds. Nearly every email platform provides automation in the form of setting filters or scheduling an email to send at a later time. With Gmelius, teams can take automation to the next level. Whether your team needs to automate responses, task cards, or delegate responsibilities, it’s all possible with Gmelius. 

Learn more about the benefits of automation here

Personalized Messaging 

Prioritizing customer service is an integral business practice, and how your team handles customer service needs is critical to a successful practice. Personalized email templates allow teams to create unique responses that align with your company’s culture. Crafting the perfect message takes time and can be difficult to replicate. Email templates take the added pressure off team members, allowing them to choose pre-written templates that address customer issues. Email users can also automate email templates to save time composing customized messaging. 

Reporting and Analytics 

A quality customer service email system will include the ability to view data as a measure of customer service efficacy. For example, how many emails are addressed each day? Are there unresolved tickets? Email analytics offers this data and more; however, not every platform enables this feature.

Gmelius offers email analytics to help teams identify bottlenecks. In a customer service department, that could be what prevents an organization from achieving the best standards possible. And exceptional customer service begins with your internal team. Unique features display stats—like how many emails are assigned per user and the time required to close a request—to help your team’s customer service department flourish. Additionally, managers can see the number of emails assigned per user. 

Gmelius Gmail analytics.

This feature prevents assignment overload and helps management distribute workloads evenly. No team members should have to address incoming service emails alone. With Gmelius, they never will. 

In today’s growing digital world, you need the best tools possible to help your customer service team succeed. Many teams operate using complex systems or extravagant CRMs. But Gmelius offers everything your team needs and more from within Gmail, a platform with which most teams are already familiar. 

Ready to enhance your current customer service email system? Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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