Email Collaboration to Improve Team Performance: Formula for Success
Email Collaboration to Improve Team Performance: Formula for Success
Last updated:
March 3, 2022
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Teams using effective collaboration methods lead to company success. Studies have shown that working collectively as a team can fuel intrinsic motivation. But, with the rise in remote work, collaboration shifting online can present communication barriers and a lack of opportunities for teams to synchronize. 

However, many companies have found that email collaboration tools can positively affect team performance and morale while boosting productivity. Read on to learn how email collaboration can improve team performance and create a formula for success for your business.

The Value of Email Collaboration 

Teamwork is the heart of any organization. And, because so many companies communicate via email (whether internally or with clients), collaborating within an inbox is the perfect place to foster teamwork. Email collaboration tools: 

Improve Efficiency

Imagine opening your inbox for the day and seeing too many emails. It may not be easy to see who on your team has addressed which email within a traditional shared inbox. This can result in duplicate email replies or none at all. In addition, the inability to collaborate effectively within an inbox can cause stress amongst your team. 

Email collaboration creates an efficient structure that allows teams to assign emails, leave notes for context, and eliminate long email threads, Cc’ing, and forwarding. This results in maximized efficiency for your company inbox. 

Encourage Positive Team Building

With team members scattered worldwide, building better working relationships can be a challenge. 

Email collaboration helps rectify this problem so teams can assign and delegate assignments in one click to determine who is working on what. Certain collaboration tools also allow teams to tag each other in notes to ask questions and check in on assignments to increase productivity and streamline workflow. 

Build Transparent Communication

Email collaboration tools give team members visibility on all tasks together. Whether you build an email draft as a team, share templates, or assign emails with a project management tool, email collaboration fosters transparency amongst a team to work more productively together. 

Email Collaboration Improves Team Performance 

Thirty-nine percent of executives find that introducing digital collaboration platforms is the most critical factor in sustainable remote work. An email collaboration platform can:

  • create a trusting place for teams to discuss issues and share goals
  • help teams address issues immediately to limit mistakes
  • automate menial tasks that hinder productivity 
  • foster transparency to build teamwork and positive working relationships

In an age where remote work has revolutionized the way teams operate, collaboration tools have never been more necessary.

Email Collaboration, Gmelius, and You

Gmelius is an email collaboration tool for Gmail that allows teams to collaborate within a shared inbox so your organization can collaboratively manage multiple group email addresses without sharing passwords or switching between email accounts. 

While your team may turn to a traditional shared inbox to address emails as a team, this option lacks the essential collaboration tools necessary for success. However, using a shared inbox with collaborative features presents many opportunities to work together as a team and streamline workflow to better handle incoming emails and organize projects and tasks. 

Communication Is Key 

Gmelius offers a shared inbox where teams can work together in Gmail. Teams can have conversations directly on the side of an email to build better communication regarding an incoming task and ensure emails are assigned to the right person. 

Furthermore, Gmelius offers other features that can facilitate better conversation. For example, team members can add notes for context, tag colleagues, share email drafts, templates, and Gmail notes. This eliminates the need to forward emails that create confusing email threads and helps teams hold each other accountable. The well-organized functionality starts better communication and team performance. 

If your team uses Slack for everyday communication, Gmelius offers a unique 2-way integration architecture that allows shared inboxes and Gmail labels to be integrated with your Slack channels.

Whether your team members prefer to communicate through Gmail or Slack, everything syncs in real-time across all members. 

Manage Projects with Ease

For many teams using shared inboxes, you may find yourself needing to collaborate on another platform for projects. Gmelius simplifies this process by using Gmail Kanban boards. Kanban boards are a visual project management solution that utilizes columns for tasks so teams can visually see the status of projects and whom they are assigned to. 

Email conversations can be converted into task cards for better organization. Rather than view a traditional inbox layout, your Gmail becomes your visual workspace to collaborate more efficiently. Teams can also create boards from new or existing Gmail labels. Kanban boards can be created from a template or customized to meet your team’s needs. 

Automation Improves Team Workflow

Automating tasks is a critical component in improving team performance and increasing productivity. Your team has a lot to work on throughout the day. While managing an inbox is crucial, it should not consume an employee’s day. Automation can help streamline the grunt work to reduce time-consuming tasks eating up company profit so that employees can build a more productive workday. 

With Gmelius, teams can use simple automation rules to streamline workflow. For example, following an “if this, then that” rule, emails can be automated to send to the corresponding recipient. 

If your organization receives various orders or returns day-to-day, subject lines containing “orders,” for example, can be filtered into the appropriate Gmail label or assigned to the relevant employee. Repetitive tasks like handling returns can also be automated to streamline the process to build a productive workflow amongst staff. 

Formula for Success

Effective teamwork is vital for company success. Email collaboration can give your teams a better understanding of their assignments and create an organized and positive work environment.

Whether you are utilizing email collaboration to simplify your inbox or are seeking a way to build better project management solutions, Gmelius offers effective solutions to build company success.  

If you are looking to use email collaboration to improve team performance, check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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