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Save time using Smart Tagging™ (Gmail templates)

Looking for a quick way to create and send repetitive emails?

Smart Tagging™ lets you automate your repetitive email tasks by creating re-usable templates. These email templates are quick to insert, using a hashtag followed by a few keystrokes (e.g. #hello).

Templates can be as simple as inserting the same pre-defined text into emails. More complex templates allow you to automatically insert the first and last name of a recipient, adapt the subject line, add labels etc.

Why should you use Smart Tagging™

You can use Smart Tagging™ to save time on your repetitive email tasks, for exemple:

  • Sending an email in just a few keystrokes
  • Automatically personalize your template with the name of your recipient
  • Automatically add a label and Cc recipients based on rules you define

How to use Smart Tagging™

Open your Gmelius settings, and navigate to the “Compose” tab. Enable the feature “Gmelius Smart Tagging and Email Templates” and save your changes.

Smart Tagging - Gmelius setting

How to create an email template

To create a new email template, click on the “Create and manage your email templates and #hashtags” link below the setting entry (see above).

Create Email templates in Gmail

Here is a summary of your options when creating a template:

  1. Send email from: Send the message from one of your email addresses
  2. Send email to: Send the message to chosen recipients
  3. Add Cc or Bcc recipients: Add recipients to the Cc and/or Bcc fields
  4. Add label: Label the message
  5. Set subject: Add a subject line
  6. Set message: Add email body. (custom variables and markdown syntax are supported)
  7. Send automatically: Automatically send the message once all actions associated with the template are completed

How to insert a template

To insert a template into an email, start typing the name of the template in the subject line:

Insert Email templates in Gmail

Customize the look of templates using markdown syntax

You can save and insert complex HTML email templates using markdown syntax:

HTML result Markdown syntax
A Gif picture ![A Gif picture](
This is a link [This is a link](
bold text **bold text**
italic text *italic text*

Heading 1

# Heading 1

Heading 2

## Heading 2

Heading 3

## Heading 3
  • Item
  • Item
- Item 
- Item
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
1. Item 1
2. Item 2

Personalize your emails automatically using custom variables

You can insert the following variables in your templates to automatically personalize your emails:

Input Output
{to.fname} Recipient’s first name
{to.lname} Recipient’s last name
{from.fname} Sender’s first name
{from.fname} Sender’s last name
{cc.fname} Cc:’s first name
{cc.lname} Cc:’s last name
{bcc.fname} Bcc:’s first name
{bcc.lname} Bcc:’s last name

Automatically label messages

Smart Tagging™ also lets you label outgoing message.

When you compose a new email, write your subject and append #label where “label” corresponds to the label you want to apply to this email.

Gmelius is smart and recognizes complex, child and partial labels. For example:

  • #gme => Gmelius
  • #sup => Gmelius/Support
  • #wait => -ToDo/!Waiting

Insert label automatically

Gmelius can also create new labels on the fly. If for instance the label “Hello” does not exist in your inbox yet, typing #hello would automatically create the label once the email is sent. This also works for child labels, as shown below.

Create new label in Gmail with smart tagging

Note: To escape Gmelius hashtags, just type double ones, i.e. ##escaped will become #escaped once the message sent.

Smart Tagging™ is (way) more powerful than Gmail canned responses

Gmail offers a feature that lets you insert canned response, this is limited to inserting plain text. Gmelius Smart Tagging™ on the other hand, lets you quickly create and send more complex, formatted templates.

  • Stay in control

    Gmelius protects your privacy.

  • Save time

    Gmelius boosts your productivity.

  • Focus

    Experience a custom-tailored inbox.

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