How we compare.

Gmelius offers a unique collaboration platform that seamlessly integrates with the tools already used by your company. Your teams can continue working from the tools they already know and love. Their daily apps are brought together with no need to migrate data to a different third-party solution nor to learn how to use another application.

We're shaping the Future of Work by letting your teams work together on email, monitor and distribute your company's workload visually, and automate all the grunt work. Think of Gmelius as a smart all-in-one workspace that lives where you work, whether it's Gmail, Slack, Trello, etc.

We're pioneers, and what we're offering is unique on the market. This means you won't find any direct alternative solution to Gmelius. Instead, we prepared a list of the main tools our existing customers were using before making the switch to Gmelius. We hope this will give you a sound idea on how Gmelius can transform and simplify teamwork in your company.