Email Tracking for Gmail and G Suite.

How many times have you wondered what happened to an email after you sent it? Gmelius notifies you as soon as a message is opened thanks to its email tracking suite.
Get notified as soon as your emails are opened with powerful email tracking for Gmail.

Identify engaged leads

Email tracking reports include how many times your contacts interacted with your messages. These points allow you to gauge the interest of your leads so you can nurture them to closing.

With a clear picture of your recipient's engagement you are able to deliver the best response - with perfect timing.

Email Tracking for Gmail and G Suite.

Send perfectly timed follow-ups and close more deals

Whether you're emailing one or multiple recipients - timing is key.

Gmelius uses per-recipient tracking to give you individual metrics on a list of contacts, including those in CC and BCC. These real-time notifications allow your follow-ups to be specific, timely, and relevant.

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Try now, it's free
Email Tagging and Tracking for Gmail | Gmelius

Get access to detailed reports and metrics

Gmelius also lets you monitor the overall performance of your team.

Team activity reports give you an in depth view of individual metrics. From number of closed and assigned emails, to average time to close, Gmelius helps you measure and optimize the progress of every teammate.

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