Reinvent your workday

in     Gmail & Google Workspace.

Gmail wasn't built to be a Help Desk or a CRM, yet your team uses it that way. Gmelius transforms Gmail into a collaborative workspace with shared inboxes and email automation.

Gmelius makes great Teamwork possible in Gmail

Team up your workday

Transform Gmail into a powerful collaboration tool with Gmelius. Experience unmatched transparency and teamwork as you share inboxes, Google Groups, aliases like support@, Gmail labels, conversations, and drafts.

Discover shared inboxes
Available in Gmail or as a standalone Web App
Gmelius Web AppGmelius in Gmail
Gmelius replaces tools like:
Google Groups, Front, Zendesk, Freshdesk, HelpScout, Hiver

Gmelius puts some Genius into Gmail

Automate your workday

Empower your team to focus on what truly matters with Gmelius. Our user-friendly, AI-powered platform makes process automation simple and intuitive, using 'If this, then that' rules to streamline workflows effortlessly.

✨ AI-powered & no-code Email Management

Dramatically reduce response times and enhance operational consistency by automating the management of incoming emails—from daily tasks to critical business processes.

Here a few examples of workflows you could start automating in Gmail.

Auto responder Gmail
Auto responder

Let your contacts know you've received their email and set expectations.

Workload distribution
Workload distribution

Automatically dispatch  emails to teammates, incl. Round Robin and Load balancer.

SLA Gmail

Ensure your company meets their Service Level Agreements compliancy.

Tagging in Gmail
Tagging & classification

Organize and monitor emails based on their metadata and content.

Email data breach monitoring
Data breach monitoring

Monitor your company's email communications to prevent data loss and breaches.

Notification engine Gmail Slack
Notification engine

Design intelligent notification flows across your stack of tools, e.g., Gmail to Slack.

Gmelius replaces tools like:
UIPath, Zapier, Make

Market-leading Outbound Automation

Scale up and streamline your company's outreach efforts using intelligent and integrated outbound automations designed for Gmail.

We offer the leading solution for revenue & sales teams on Google Workspace.

Email sequences for Gmail
Email sequences

Put your outreach on autopilot from Gmail, a SMTP server, CSV files or 5,000 apps using Zapier. Learn more

Email drip campaigns in Gmail
Drip campaigns

Build your pipeline and engagement from one platform. Learn more

Meeting scheduler for Gmail
Meeting scheduler

Book meetings very (very) fast with a scheduler seamlessly integrated into your emails. Learn more

Email templates in Gmail
Email templates

Turn your most effective emails into templates you can personalize and share with your team. Learn more

Gmelius replaces tools like:
Mixmax, Outreach, Yesware, Lemlist, Calendly, Chili Piper, Salesloft, Reply

Gmelius Enables Data-driven decisions

Understand your workday

Optimize your operations with our comprehensive analytics suite. Gain insights into department performance and evaluate individual contributions effortlessly.

Gmelius simplifies the complex

Visualize your workday

Monitor, orchestrate, and optimize your daily business processes across teams and departments with state-of-the-art data visualization and reporting.

Gmelius replaces tools like:
Trello, Asana, Monday, Jira

We believe in open relationships

Easily consolidate your stack and automate further your work thanks to our ever-expanding universe of bidirectional integrations.

Easy-to-use and weapon of choice for our outbound sales activities.
Head of Sales / B2B SaaS
We're better working and have a better customer service thanks to Gmelius.
Head of Customer Success
Gmelius creates efficiency in our finance operations.
Accounts Payable Manager
It is a great everyday tool to follow up tasks. It has many features that are really cool.
Dispatch Supervisor
Very Helpful
Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
The Best way to make your Sales people happy with CRM
Jean René
Great tool for Gmail integration & Team Collaboration
Creative Director & Web Designer
Great for team collaboration!
Customer Success
faster responses
to emails
less time spent
distributing work
saved per teammate
every month
Just a few of the changes you can expect once Gmelius is part of your company's daily workflow. Results from our FY22 customer survey including 429 respondents.

It's time to take back control of your workday

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