Addressing Email Management Issues With Innovation
Addressing Email Management Issues With Innovation
Last updated:
March 8, 2022
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Email management is vital for company success. But many companies do not have a proper email management system in place. So while your team inbox may be cleared one day, it doesn’t take long for an influx of inquiries to come pouring in. 

An email collaboration tool can reduce email management issues and help team managers address high-volume inboxes with ease, manage team projects, and assign and delegate assignments in one click. 

Daily email tasks can be cumbersome, but they don’t have to be with the right solution in place. 

How Email Management Issues Arise

Addressing emails takes time. It’s a daily task many people dread. When emails go to multiple individual inboxes, it becomes difficult to communicate messages. Emails need to be forwarded or Cc’d to the appropriate team member to address. 

You may also find your team members saving emails to refer to later, ultimately creating inbox clutter. Standard inboxes lack collaboration opportunities and result in time-consuming email management issues. 

Shared Inboxes for Better Email Management

Companies have turned to shared inboxes to address these common email management issues. Shared inboxes are inboxes shared between multiple people. Each team member can access a shared inbox from their personal email account so more than one person can read and address emails together. 

Shared inboxes: 

  • help teams manage high-volume inboxes together 
  • centralize communication 
  • save time spent Cc’ing and forwarding
  • reduce inbox clutter
  • improve response times

Teams can manage a shared inbox for billing, support, invoices, and much more. Shared inboxes greatly benefit a remote team as it allows teams to address emails together no matter where they are located. 

While shared inboxes present many opportunities to improve email management, there’s also a downside if collaboration isn’t involved. 

For example, what happens after an email is addressed? An email task requires more than just a response. Project management is at the core of every email.  As a result, most emails turn into tasks that require delegation, schedule coordination, and budget tracking. 

Perhaps your shared inbox is utilized for your logistics team. The supply chain manager will need to see the status of deliveries, process shipments, build delivery routes, and finalize budgets. This would require numerous emails back and forth between team members. Then, a separate project management platform will be used to track project completion. A shared inbox is simply not an adequate solution to address every need. 

Furthermore, what happens when your company expands? The opportunity for miscommunication becomes more prominent. This can lead to duplicate responses, missed opportunities, and lost emails that significantly impact team communication and customer satisfaction. 

Addressing Email Management Issues with Gmelius 

To overcome email management issues, you must implement new strategies. Gmelius offers a collaborative email management platform for teams with innovative features that resolve common email issues. 

Gmelius takes the concept of shared inboxes further into your team's workflow by taking a collaborative approach. Teams can address emails and handle project management together without leaving their Gmail inboxes. 

According to an internal Gmelius study, 68% of teams spend most of their workday on email; however, only 17% like to use email to collaborate. This is partly because collaborating via email causes friction amongst staff members. 

Gmelius resolves this common email management issue by creating a shared inbox within Gmail to improve collaboration methods and enhance team communication. 

Once you install Gmelius, it lives right inside of your Gmail inbox. There is no need to learn another management application. 

Our shared inbox solution allows teams to: 

  • delegate email conversations
  • manage any team email from Gmail 
  • have conversations on the side of an email 
  • turn emails into actionable tickets
  • automate workflows with simple rules 
  • convert emails into tasks on a Gmail Kanban board 
  • visualize analytics for each shared inbox 

Every team member added to a shared inbox has access to all the features Gmelius offers, including unique two-way integration with popular applications such as Slack, Trello, and Zoom. 

Using a Collaborative shared inbox tool for your team can build better communication to prevent friction and build more opportunities for productivity and improved customer service for your business. 

Let Gmelius help solve your email management issues with our shared inbox solution. Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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