Gmail Tools: Why Is Gmelius the Only Tool Your Team Needs?
Gmail Tools: Why Is Gmelius the Only Tool Your Team Needs?
Last updated:
January 29, 2021
Cut to the chase...
Get started with the world's first shared inbox designed for Gmail and Google Workspace.
Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

Is your team constantly switching between apps, hunting down information, and battling to keep your tools and team in sync?

Consider your current tech stack. Slack for internal chats, Trello for Kanban boards, and a range of other tools promising to streamline your workflows.

What if you could handle all of your internal and external communication as well as your project management from inside your regular Gmail inbox? 

With Gmelius, you can. 

Gmelius’ project management features like Kanban boards, and communication features like shared inboxes, internal chat, and email automation, enable your team to easily manage projects from their inbox, eliminating the need for most other apps.

Here’s why Gmelius is the only tool your team needs:

#1 Consolidate All of Your Tools

Due to the broad nature of team collaboration, there are tens, if not hundreds, of team collaboration tools available on the market today. 

For example, a modern team is likely using a combination of tools such as:

  • Document collaboration: Google Docs, Zoho Docs, Dropbox, or Quip 
  • Project management tools: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or Monday
  • Kanban board: Trello,  MeiserTask, KanbanFlow, or Pipefy
  • Video conferencing: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, or Skype
  • Internal chat: Slack, Skype, Chanty, or Facebook
  • Time tracking: Toggle, HoursTracker, Timely, or Teamwork
  • Email tracking: Boomerang, Yesware, or Mailtrack

This method does work, but it’s not optimal. 

As each app, tool, or program aims to solve only one problem, you end up needing multiple, connected tools to provide a solution to team collaboration and communication as a whole. 

The result?

A complex web of apps that will never sync perfectly together, data that lives in silos, creating a lack of centralized information - leading to time wasted and disconnected teams. 

At Gmelius, we transform your existing email inbox into a hub for team collaboration, that streamlines workflows, and unifies internal and external communication. And, of course, eliminating the need for multiple apps through unique 2-way integrations.

#2 Email Collaboration

Email is still king. It is the leading form of communication, particularly when considering communication with external stakeholders.

Having said that, for the cross-department or distributed team, it’s riddled with flaws when it comes to team collaboration. 

That’s why Gmelius places email at the heart of team collaboration. External emails can be easily turned into tasks or internal chats, all while you stay within your inbox, retaining all communications in one central hub. 

Shared labels and inboxes allow team members to share specific email threads or their whole inbox. This allows everyone to manage emails together and see a clear record of past communication.

Gmelius takes it further by turning your shared labels and shared inboxes into kanban boards giving you a visual representation of your email conversations - making it ultra-simple to manage your pipelines.

Internal email notes ensure that team members can communicate internally before replying to external emails. The communication is hidden from external stakeholders but kept as a transparent record of the communication that’s taken place.

Shareable Email Sequences and Email Templates provide pre-made templates, that can be shared, edited, and used by new team members, enabling them to get started with a minimal learning curve.

#3 Choice of Platform

Over the past decade, there has been a huge rise in the number of communication apps, largely as an attempt to solve the dichotomy of teams that collaborate closely from different offices or even countries. 

And of course, we all know that Slack is the leader for an internal chat app. It’s easy to use and solves the need for real-time and private chats with team members. 

However, simply by adding yet another app to your tech stack, you’re creating a new problem: you no longer have a central hub for all of your information. This can cause the information to get lost, wastes time, and causes unnecessary distractions. 

What’s more, some of your team will prefer Slack, while others remain die-hard email fans. That’s why we integrated Gmail with Slack.

Your team members can continue to use their preferred communication app and Gmelius will ensure all messages are automatically updated in both.

#4 Help Desk Solution

There are plenty of help desk tools available – Zendesk, Zoho, and Freshdesk to name a few. 

But when you consider how a help desk works, you’ll wonder if it’s needed at all. 

A ticket in Zendesk or Zoho is simply created by an email – a message from a client requesting a change, for example. 

Imagine if instead of receiving an email, opening another tool, or creating a ticket, you could turn your email inbox and all of its emails straight into tickets. 

This is exactly how Gmelius transforms your inbox into a help desk with a minimal learning curve. Create tasks, add deadlines, assign ‘tickets’ to team members, and track progress, right from inside your regular email account.

Your whole team is able to collaborate on emails, tickets, and tasks, as well as quickly get a complete overview of your customers’ past history and any project statuses.

#5 Email Automation and Email Marketing Solution

Email automation and email marketing are essential tools for many businesses. 

Not only does automation save time and reduce errors, but it can also improve your sales and marketing efforts. 

Email automation, when triggered by your users’ behaviors, can improve click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement.  

Of course, you can use solutions like Mailchimp or complex CRMs for email marketing and automation, but it’s adding yet another app to your tech stack. Another tab to switch to, another report to read, and another solution to sync – you get the picture. 

That’s why we designed Email Templates and Email Sequences. They can be used with your existing email account, meaning your email templates, documents, open and read data, and so on are all stored in one central hub - within your inbox.

You can use Email Templates to turn repetitive emails into templates that can be personalized, optimized, and shared with your team. Email Sequences enable you to send drip campaigns directly from your Gmail account.

Gmelius: The Only Tool Your Team Needs

If you’re like the vast majority of teams, you spend most of the day in your inbox responding to external communication. You spend the rest of your time switching through a ton of apps to collaborate with your team. If this sounds familiar, you need to see what’s possible with Gmelius.

The collaboration platform for Gmail.

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Cut to the chase...
Get started with the world's first shared inbox that lives in Gmail.
Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

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