Benefits of Email Collaboration Software
Benefits of Email Collaboration Software
Last updated:
July 29, 2022
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Collaborating on projects in an increasingly digital world is challenging. As more teams operate from different remote locations, teamwork and collaboration have become increasingly complicated; time zone differences alone make coordinating work difficult. While Zoom meetings, conference calls, and instant messaging chats facilitate collaboration, many teams still find themselves looking for more opportunities. 

Email’s versatility and efficiency have made it a standard form of business communication. The same qualities make email collaboration software invaluable to teams by activating email’s potential as a collaborative platform. This piece will define email collaboration software, explore its many benefits, and describe how to implement it for your team.

What is Email Collaboration Software?

For company or brand interaction, 74% of survey respondents choose email as their preferred communication method. Originally designed for one-on-one communication, email has evolved significantly throughout the years. In addition to its standard uses, different email solutions also offer collaboration opportunities. As email continues to evolve, features like shared inboxes and distribution lists also grow more popular. While each of these functions can make a positive business impact, email collaboration software can enhance the individual concepts to work together synergistically. 

Email collaboration software combines email with collaborative features to streamline communication and unify team operations. Teams can maximize teamwork by centralizing communication through one platform. Some examples include a Google collaborative inbox or an Outlook shared mailbox. Both options allow teams to collaborate via email by assigning conversations and viewing emails together in one location. 

Benefits of Collaboration Software

How often do your teams run into collaboration challenges? Has it affected company productivity to the point that you’ve considered investing in a new software solution? If so, email collaboration is the perfect place to start. Email collaboration software reduces common workplace challenges such as miscommunication, decreased productivity, and disorganized workflows. Additional benefits of collaboration software include:

  • one platform for centralized communication
  • easier task management with fewer applications to manage
  • organized and transparent workflows
  • increased productivity among remote or in-person teams
  • simple collaboration any time, and from any location

While team leaders have many options to help foster collaboration amongst a dispersed team, the benefits of email collaboration software make it an obvious choice. Working together from a shared platform is one effective solution. Instead of switching back and forth between different email accounts or communication apps, collaboration software brings teams together to work from the same unified platform. 

Gmelius: Email Collaboration Software for Teams 

Gmelius helps teams build a collaborative shared inbox using Gmail. As a communication and collaboration platform within Gmail, Gmelius enhances the capabilities of a shared inbox and expands them with collaborative features, such as integrations to streamline communication, project management, and internal operations.

 Here are some examples of how Gmelius’ email collaboration software can benefit your team. 

Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Rather than switching back and forth between accounts, Gmelius allows your group to manage email addresses collaboratively, without sharing passwords or logins. Each user can log in to their individual Gmail, reducing the need for separate company accounts. 

Gmelius’ email collaboration software helps teams eliminate long email threads, cc’ing, and forwarding by assigning emails instead, and sharing contextual notes in the side margins for real-time updates. 

Gmelius shared inbox.

Startups can see tremendous benefits from implementing email software like Gmelius because it integrates with everyday tools your team is already familiar with. And because Gmelius lives inside your Gmail account, minimal training is required. Unique two-way sync architecture further enhances tools like Slack, Google Workspace, and many more. Working from one platform results in maximized efficiency for your company inbox.

Organize Your Inbox 

Gmail offers Gmail labels for increased organization. Gmelius further enhances this feature by enabling team members to share Gmail labels with each other. Scrolling through an inbox to find a particular email can be tedious. Shared Gmail labels eliminate crowded inboxes by allowing team members to sort incoming emails into corresponding labels for clear visibility and organization.

Gmelius shared Gmail labels.

Sort client communication into one location to eliminate the risk of incoming emails or tasks falling through the cracks. Because missed opportunities can obstruct company operations, shared Gmail labels reduce this risk by ensuring greater confidence in your team’s correspondence efforts. 

Streamline Project Management 

While researching the benefits of collaboration software, you may have overlooked project management. This oversight may be due to the frequency with which companies must invest in separate tools to manage projects. With Gmelius, however, teams can collaborate using Gmail Kanban and Trello boards. Kanban boards offer visual project management solutions for teams and increase transparency for all invited members. 

Gmelius Gmail Kanban board.

Gmail inboxes or labels can be converted to Kanban boards by enabling your team to turn any email conversation into a task card. Each task can then be moved from one column to the next, offering transparency for each task status. This saves hours of copying and pasting information into a separate project management platform. Additionally, Kanban boards can be converted to Trello boards, and vice-versa. Team members can either work directly from Gmail or Trello, based on their preference, to further simplify project management. 

It may seem difficult at first to find email collaboration software that does it all, but Gmelius offers everything your team needs—and more—from inside your existing Gmail account. Our 14-day free trial allows your team to try Gmelius out, and explore every feature that helps you email collaboratively, minus the unnecessary complexity.

Explore the many benefits of collaboration software with Gmelius. Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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