Email Management Services For Every Team

Email management services are essential for teams of all industries and sizes. Read on to learn how Gmelius can transform your inbox into a streamlined team workspace.
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Whether you’re a tech startup, an accounting firm, or a supply chain and logistics team, email is an essential part of your workflow.

As a standard form of communication, email is a critical part of most businesses. But it’s often difficult to manage. When one considers the time necessary to manage hundreds of incoming emails, there’s no doubt that email can be a drain on productivity. This may cause you to search for email management services.
Email management services for teams.

Email Management and Services To Increase Team Productivity

Luckily, there are simple ways to manage email efficiently using the following tools.

Shared Inboxes


Email analytics give managers some insight into the inner workings of an account. They offer “a look behind the curtain”---if you will—at how your team operates. Accessing this valuable data helps identify bottlenecks in the system and allows managers to develop new goals and standards to address them.

Gmelius enables users to track critical email key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive continuous optimization over time for maximum results. 

With Gmelius, managers can view: 

  • email response times
  • assignment statuses (closed, opened, pending, etc.)
  • time to close an email 
  • individual employee analytics 
  • assigned conversations

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Combining email and automation seems like an obvious solution for email management, but many often forget how to set it up or simply get overwhelmed by more urgent projects. Repeating the same tasks over and over soon becomes instinctual, like a habit. Unfortunately, forgetting to utilize email automation rules often results in an inefficient workflow. 

To achieve maximum efficiency in managing emails, teams must implement workflow automation rules to simplify daily responsibilities. With email automation, teams can set rules to reduce manual actions such as responding to emails and delegating assignments.

The versatility of Gmelius enables teams to: 

  • automate email responses and follow-ups
  • automatically assign tasks to other team members
  • schedule drip campaigns
  • organize emails per label
  • trigger SLA rules 
  • synchronize tasks
Gmelius’ workflow automation rules streamline daily processes in seconds—not only in Gmail but also across Slack, Trello, and other daily apps your team may use. Teams can manage email more efficiently, streamline outreach, and organize tasks visually, all without leaving Gmail. 
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Optimization is a critical component of successful email management services. An inbox may function well, however, maintaining organizational best practices is what separates a quality service from an inferior one. 

Gmelius offers an array of tools that further optimize email functionality. 

Email Templates

Email templates provide efficiency by building unified responses among team members. Pre-written templates save teams from hours of composing the same responses over and over. Instead, templates offer a simplified solution that allows members to share templates and draft replies together. There’s no need for additional meetings to formulate personalized responses: You can access every template from the compose window. 
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Email Notes

Emails often require additional information to clarify messages. The time required to coordinate such exchanges can cause distractions that hinder productivity. Gmelius resolves this common issue with email notes—an innovative way for team members to communicate in the side margins of an email. These aren’t just standard email notes. Users can @mention others, attach files, or Loom recordings to communicate in real-time without leaving Gmail or Slack.
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Shared Gmail Labels

Consolidating emails into labels is a game-changer when it comes to email management. Categorizing items into separate locations creates a neat and organized inbox. 

Now, imagine sharing the same organizational tactic with your team members. Gmail’s shared labels make it possible to organize your team's pipeline, manage company projects, and delegate emails—directly from Gmail, Slack, and Trello. Teams can even use automation rules to streamline the tedious task of sorting emails under the correct label.
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Kanban Boards

When teams search for email management services, they are often looking for a way to combine email with project management. While most services involve using a separate platform, Gmelius enables teams to coordinate project management and organize tasks, all from within Gmail. 

Gmail Kanban boards allow team members to convert any email conversation into a task card to manage projects visually within Gmail. Teams can create customized boards from new or existing Gmail labels and team inboxes and sync them with Trello, allowing team members to work from either platform. 
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Integrate Workspaces and Channels For Better Communication

Jumping back and forth between different applications is time-consuming and, ultimately, strains productivity. However, the use of multiple applications is inevitable in a growing digital world. For example, teams frequently use email for long-form professional messages, whereas Slack is better suited to short, instant messages. 

Unfortunately, when teams communicate on different channels, the disconnection can create more questions than answers and leave valuable information unacknowledged. With Gmelius, teams don’t have to worry about missing out on information or spending additional time gathering it. Team members can collaborate without leaving the apps they love, thanks to Gmelius’s unique bidirectional integrations. Access the apps your team uses daily right from inside your Gmail account. 

Gmelius offers integrations with the following:
Learn more about our unique two-way sync architecture with Trello here.  

Every team can benefit from some kind of email management services. With Gmelius, your team does not have to compromise. All the features you need to “do” email right are immediately available, minus any unnecessary complexities. 
Email management services are a necessity for every team. With Gmelius, we make it easy! Check out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration.

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